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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English, up to and including degree level, as well as preparation for 7+ and 11+ exams. I also tutor GCSE History and the 13+.
I am a friendly, attentive and approachable tutor who enjoys providing a positive, encouraging and dynamic learning experience for students of all ages and abilities - my aptitude for tutoring stems also from my passion for my subjects, as I am eager to share the enthusiasm and knowledge that I have gained from my own learning experience with others. I believe it is important to be enthusiastic, engaging and especially patient when supporting students.
2013: Queen Mary, University of London
BA English and Drama (First Class Honours)
2003-2010: Rugby High Grammar School for Girls
A-Levels: English Literature (A*), Art and Design ( A*) , Drama and Theatre Studies (A)
AS Level: Philosophy/Religious Studies (A), General Studies (A)
GCSE: English Literature (A*), English Language (A*), Drama (A*) History (A*), Art and Design (A*), Religious Education (A*), Core Science (A*), Additional Science (A), German (A), ICT (B), Mathematics (B)
Recent Tuition
Reception Level Homeschooling - English and Maths with a focus on phonics, vocabulary building and preparation for integration into a more formal school setting.
Pre-School tuition for Rumana age 3. Rumana is attending nursery and other activities but is brighter than her peers. I am keeping her ahead of curve by tutoring her in the basics and beyond in an engaging and inspiring way.
KEY STAGE 1 ENGLISH: I currently tutor four students at Key Stage 1 level, two of whom have English as a second language, and their ages range from 5 to 8 years old. My lessons focus on increasing confidence and independence in reading and comprehension, accuracy and creativity in writing, along with learning and practising new spellings. I am always keen to make all activities and tasks fun and engaging, especially for children with English as a second language who may find such tasks daunting or difficult. I often like to use my creative skills to create tailor-made stories for the children, which encourages students to read, as well as inspiring them to write their own stories. I also cover maths in my lessons, using games and toys to familiarise younger students with complex arithmetic, and encouraging them to have confidence with harder tasks such as multiplication and division. I also work on teaching younger students how to write cursively, and I was pleased to learn that one of my six year old students recently received the Progress Award for handwriting, reading and comprehension at his school.
7+ experience. I currently work with two young students, preparing them for the 7+ examination in Maths and English. I build my lessons not only around developing and challenging key skills but also on setting practice papers regularly, closely mimicking exam conditions in order for students to become familiar with time restrictions and feel confident in their exam technique under conditions which children can often find pressurising. I strive to ensure these lessons are engaging and varied, as well as setting up suitable, positive expectations for young children
11+ English: I am currently preparing two students for application to Haberdashers and Mill Hill, and in this time, both students have had their improvements recognised by their respective current schools.
13+ English: I tutored a student for two months which resulted in successful applications to Mill Hill and Highgate.
KEY STAGE 2 ENGLISH: I have been homeschooling Sophia for the last 6 months, with a focus on phonics, basic reading comprehension, spelling and writing. I have been working with Sophia 3 mornings a week alongside another tutor who has been working with her twice a week. We have been building her reading and compositions skills in addition to working on Sophia's social skills, to ensure a smooth transition when she starts school in September 2014.
KEY STAGE 3 and GCSE ENGLISH: I have significant experience as a teaching assistant, with one-on-one contact, with students at Bethnal Green Academy. Whilst at the Academy, I have supported Key Stage 3 students in their English lessons and helped prepare GCSE students for their English Literature GCSE.
At Key Stage 3, I have worked closely with groups of high ability students of advanced reading ages in their reading comprehension and textual analysis. I have worked one-on-one with particular students in order to monitor and help them improve their reading comprehension and writing skills, planning and supervising short assessments. During this time, a Year 7 student I have worked with on a weekly basis, Sami, progressed from a 4c to a 5a.
At GCSE level, I have worked with a range of students - from students with learning difficulties and those with English as a second language, to those with very specific areas of difficulty, and high ability students who feel unchallenged in their school work. I have supported them in their reading and extended writing in preparation for controlled assessments and examinations. At all levels of ability, I have found that one-one-one support has already resulted in increased confidence, a higher level of engagement and sustained progress in both writing and reading.
A cross-section of my current students show the range of abilities and ages I work with - I currently tutor a high ability Year 9 student, specialising in reading comprehension and essay technique, who has progressed from a high level 5 to a Level 7 since we have begun working together. I also tutor a Year 9 student for whom English is a second language, improving his verbal and written English. I also tutor a year 10 student who wishes to progress from a B to an A* grade, supporting her English GCSE work and creative writing. I tutor a History GCSE student, guiding her from an A to an A* grade. I support an English Literature A level student with reading comprehension, essay writing, structure and technique. At all levels of ability, I have found that one-one-one support has already resulted in increased confidence, a higher level of engagement and sustained progress in both writing and reading.
Hobbies and Interests
Enthusiastic about every area of the creative arts, I am a published writer, performance poet and a graduate of the Royal Court Theatre's Young Writers' Programme. My work as a short story writer has been included in the anthology, 'Things that Have Happened' published by Treehouse Press. My first short play debuted at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston as part of a festival of new writing. I also help co-ordinate poetry and performance events across London. As a theatre critic, I write for Exeunt Magazine and A Younger Theatre.

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