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About Me
My specialist subjects are Mathematics and Acting. I also teach Science, English and Mandarin Chinese.

As an adaptable, enthusiastic and hard working person, I have the skills and ability to actively engage students and build their confidence.

I believe that making a subject fun and interesting is the key to achieving good results. I also think that hard work, perseverance and patience can lead to a persons desired goals.

Not only do I have experience in teaching the academic subjects, I also have experience of the corporate world and can help with students-applications and interview techniques.

Having completed a degree in Law and the Bar Vocational Course, I spent some time working in one of the largest corporate law firms in the North West. I left the legal profession two years ago to pursue my love of acting and working in the theatre. I have since gained a masters degree in Professional Acting from one of the leading accredited drama schools in the country.

I enjoy teaching and encouraging students to think for themselves and to reach their maximum potential.

Recent Tuition

Mathematics up to Key Stage 3 level - helped students to come to grips with the basic maths skills needed to move onto GCSE level.
Mathematics up to GCSE level - helped with difficult subjects and revision before exams to achieve better grades.
Science up to GCSE level - helped to make the transition between KS3 and GCSE level science so that the students are better prepared to sit their GCSE exams.
English up to KS3/GCSE level - helped students to improve their comprehension and reading skills.
Coached students wishing to attend performing arts schools - helped with audition speeches and techniques. Improved students-chances of being accepted at some of the top drama schools.
Conversational Chinese - helped students wishing to learn or improve their conversational Mandarin Chinese

Hobbies and Interests
Apart from teaching, I am a working actor. I am also a friendly and sociable person and in my spare time I like playing the drums, the piano, baking, travelling and diving.

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