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About Me
First and foremost I enjoy what I do and the company it brings.With a background in education and psychological research - as it relates to, for example, meta- cognitive strategies necessary for education - I have an incredible basis upon which to base my provision. I am perceptive and adaptive to the learning environment. I have a relaxed yet confident and firm attitude to the way I provide lesson. I spend a lot of time planning the right lessons to keep my students and myself constantly engaged challenged and productive. Teacher led, student led and peers led structures allow me to scaffold programs that facilitate learning in an efficient way. Inclusion in learning is important to the way that I teach -there is not a huge divide between pupil and teacher. This, I believe, allows for personality to come out as the student learns and allows for more access to individual differences that allow me to really focus on the different ways that different children learn. I can tutor all aspects of English and Maths, as well as social and behavioural management.
I previously studied Law and am currently studying Behavioural Genetics research and Psychology at Birkbeck/UCL London. This includes Developmental Psychology, Linguistics, The Neurological Basis of Education from childhood to adulthood. Im also studying Language Acquisition and Learning and theories that inform the education department in relation to aspect of learning. Before becoming a tutor I worked extensively in behavioural management as well as running my own business. I currently tutor/teach and work as a specialist in a primary school. I specialise in extending learning for children and adults. This includes reading, speech and language therapy and other language and maths based interventions -planning, assessing and being a practitioner for those identified as having specific academic, social and behavioural needs. I enjoy the process, rewards and provision of education to those who need it. Providing this education to small groups and on a 1-1 basis provides an unrivalled level of satisfaction and pride. I get this from seeing the development and achievement of those that I work with, their attitude to progress and the enjoyment gained from learning new things and knowing that they can do well in anything.

Recent Tuition
With a background in psychology I have worked on psychological preparation for various examinations, in particular the 7+ exam. Ive helped my young students work on exam technique and learn strategies for dealing with exam nerves leading up to the exam, in order to ensure performance is not negatively effected by nerves. It can be quite a stressful experience for students and parents alike. At 7+ level I have helped students gain entry to the following schools: North London Collegiate Lower School (Josh), City of London School for Girls (Kayleigh), Highgate (Theo), University College School (James).
At 7+, I usually jointly focus on past papers and examination technique, to include the following concepts:

Comprehension and composition/story writing papers (including multiple choice)
writing a story using full sentences and interesting vocabulary
reading fluently with understanding in order to respond to written question. In maths,
understanding main concepts of multiplication, addition, subtraction and division and concepts including partitioning/time/missing numbers/odd and even numbers
understanding money block graphs and timetables. I have provided tuition for exam preparation at 7+ level and have worked to provide out of class support that allow them to work a year ahead of what the typical curriculum usually allows.

Other recent students and experience are listed below:

Year 1 - Mentoring/support within class to support concentration and improve behaviour that was affecting class performance.
Year 3 class (1-1 and small groups) - exam preparation and specific language based interventions with a focus on written and grammar and linguistics.
Year 4 student preparing to move into a new school. The focus was on essay/creative writing and maths.
Year 4 curriculum catchup (preparing for movement into year five and pre planning approaches to learning in this new year and also catching up on parts of speech and writing skills needed to improve performance in English.
Year 6 SAT preparation ( whole class) in small groups maths and English with a focus on exam technique and confidence building whilst sitting exams.
My teaching methods vary depending on the needs of the child. Visual and kinaesthetic method of teaching in additional to speech and language techniques that are concept based, for example pragmatics (situational perception and fundamental language acquisition and communication).


Recently I have worked with a number of children who have a varied degree of special educational needs. Speech and Language, receptive and productive communication disorder, dyslexia and dyspraxia. I have recently been asked to consult in two schools and offer speech and language support on an ongoing basis. I have also worked and supported speech and language clients of the London Childrens School.
Ive worked as part of the Special Educational Needs team at primary level and assessed and carried out special needs training and lessons in order to develop inference cognitive behaviour memory improvement and reasoning . This also involved and was directly linked to improving comprehension and communication.
Behavioural intervention - I have held after school behavioural and mentoring clubs for boys 4-12 at a primary school in the Borough of Ealing and also taught music composition, instrumentation and songwriting for Years 1 -3. This also included a performance one a week to showcase what was learnt, and build confidence.

Catch up programs - Maths and English (Yr1-6).
Working alongside an Educational Psychologist to develop new interventions that assist learning.
Social skills groups youth centres increase ability to interact with others and mange behaviour.
Teaching Autistic children (2 years) literacy and some maths.
Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Undergraduate pre-examination preparation work in statistics and neuroscience.
Entertainment tutoring - engineering mentor (various recording studios in London Adults) in support towards completing his engineering degree and experience. This student successfully graduated with a strong grade.
Further to the above 1-1 teaching work I was also engaged to complete lesson planning for other practitioners of 1-1 lessons (Cambridge). This involved planning lessons for specific needs in maths and English - on going primary up to 11 + level.

Hobbies and Interests
Music engineering. Coaching/playing lawn tennis. Travelling and learning new things. I enjoy being around new people seeing and experiencing new places and thing and building on old relationships. I also volunteer at Crisis as a mentor /counsellor and entertainment every year at christmas.
I also enjoy further education as an interest and am currently beginning a course in Pychotherapeutic counselling.

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