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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English language and literature. If one had to reduce the act of reading to one concept, empathy would seem appropriate. The capacity to recognise the experiences of others is vital in successful readings of sentient and fictional beings. As a tutor, I foreground this approach to get the best results.
To be more specific, my one-to-one tuition have ranged from students who are gifted and talented as well as those with behavioural and learning difficulties. In 2010, at NUSA (Nottingham University Samworth Academy), I tutored students who desired A-A* grades in their subjects as well as those who needed pass grades in English Language and Mathematics.
My strategy was the same for both: to encourage the student to identify their obstacle (for example, orthographic coding for a dyslexic student or a gifted pupil needing to apply the correct taxonomy) and give them the support and resources to succeed. This could involve multi-sensory approaches to learning difficult words or providing writing frames and word banks to make the writing tasks (from stories to essays) more manageable. Weaving these learning objectives through the tuition period means that my objectives are theirs.
Consequently, one distinguishes learning gaps from the learning needs. If a student is struggling, my job is to engage in the discussions about what I can do as their tutor. I would then adjust and make the learning experiences accessible and successful. Through an amiable and informal manner, I able to enact successful pedagogy.
My skills allow me to proof-read as well as aid with sourcing and referencing material for extended pieces such as reports, essays, dissertations and theses. The subject matter ranges from the political sciences to the arts.
I read English at Nottingham and garnered a first-class undergraduate degree in 2010. In 2011, I completed a masters with distinction in Literary Linguistics. I went to King Edward VI High School in Stafford and garnered A grades at A Level in English Literature, Economics and History. I have 13 A*-A GCSE grades with an A* in English Language and an A in Mathematics.

Recent Tuition
Tutees have ranged from KS2 to Masters level. I tutor students either on a one-to-one basis or through Google Hangout/Skype. We work through documents simultaneously through Google Docs. Examples include:

February-Present: Preparation for GCSE English Language and Literature for Year 9 student in Stafford.
May 2014: Residential GCSE English Literature and Language tuition.
December 2013-May 2014: One-to-one and group English Language and Literature tuition for Year 11 students at Ark Kings Academy in Kings Norton, Birmingham.
May 2013: 2nd Year War Studies student at KCL. Assisted with the language and referencing of their Individual Research Project on Naxalism and Indian security in the twenty-first century. She was awarded a first-class grade.
April 2013: Final Year English Literature and Language student at UCL. Tutorials on James Joyces Ulysses. He garnered scholarship to the James Joyce Summer School.
March 2013: IB English Language and Literature student. She needed guidance on the individual oral commentary (IOC).
March 2013: GCSE English Literature student. He asked for support concerning his coursework (with a focus on his spelling, grammar and structure).

Hobbies and Interests

Im a freelance journalist. I prefer writing reportage with a focus on current affairs and culture. One day, I hope to emulate the success of Charlie Porter, who contributes to the Financial Times, who writes without pretension and collates aspects of culture to comment on todays politics.
As an academic, I have written and delivered lectures on Joyce, modernism, literature and cognition at Nottingham, the Sorbonne, Zurich, UCD and Rome. The greatest pleasure in this role was to see and learn about the wider world through this exposure. Naturally, photography is something I also enjoy as I take my fathers Pentax with me as I travel.

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