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History of Art

About Me
As I work as a free-lance Researcher I am in the position myself where I am constantly learning, I will always have something new to give and teach to my students. I am passionate about discovering new things and expanding my knowledge, and I believe this is a quality essential to a great teacher. I had an awful History of Art teacher at school who was incredibly uninspiring. However, I was lucky enough to meet someone, who I then later went to work for, who contextualised the subject and brought it to life and made me want to continue to study History of Art. I would be very proud to be like him, and enthuse and encourage others.
I went to St. Marys School, Calne where I had an excellent all-round education, in particular excelling at Maths and in the Arts. I studied Physics, Maths, Art and History of Art for A Levels and for two consecutive years I entered the Intermediate Maths Challenge and won a silver and gold medal respectively.
I studied at the Courtauld Institute of Art for three years, carrying out a Bachelors Degree, for which I received a 2:1. The Courtauld provided me with, not only an integral art historical knowledge, but a rounded education focused on history and literature and the interconnection between these subjects and art. My studies were eclectic and included a survey course, a module of art conservation and restoration, art theory, Italian Renaissance painting, English Baroque Architecture and a course focused on Pablo Picasso. I wrote two theses -s essay on Mourning and Melancholia, and German Holocaust memorials and my second examined the architecture of Badminton House in Gloucestershire and the status of the contemporaneous Dukes.
Having left the Courtauld in 2008 with a 2:1, I moved to New York to intern at a Contemporary, primary market gallery called Marlborough. Here I was employed as the Junior Archivist and then assisted the Graphic Designer making the exhibition catalogues. I continued to delve into the Art Market with a three month internship at Sothebys auction house in London. I carried out research on artists and artworks coming up for sale and discovered the differences of this alternate technique of selling art. I was then employed by the art gallery Simon Dickinson Ltd. as the Old Master Researcher. I worked here for a year and a half after which I was transferred to the American office and a more senior role. During these three years, I researched Old Master, Impressionist, Post War and Contemporary artists and their works. I used a wide variety of source material in order to research provenances and write accurate and intriguing catalogue entries which acted as sale aids. I had day-to-day contact with experts, museum curators, dealers and clients. The job also involved co-ordinating exhibitions, assisting with gallery administration, and visiting current art exhibitions as well as clients-collections.
I left my job in the gallery as I wanted to be able to use my passion for art and culture in order to educate others. I assisted an Interior Decorator for a few months and then interned consecutively at the BBC, Phillips de Pury Auction House, and Art Tours Ltd. I was offered a job by the BBC as the Researcher for a three-part art series which led on to my most current position working on the BBC4 series Heritage! The Battle For Britains Past.
On the side I have been working as a private tutor. I think a good education is one of the most important advantages in life. I am constantly learning, and I feel that I am in a wonderful position where I can use my knowledge and passion to educate and inspire others.

St. Marys School, Calne.

AS Levels: Art (A), History of Art (A), Maths (A), Physics (A)
A Levels: Art (A), History of Art (A), Maths (B)

Courtauld Institute of Art

History of Art BA: 2:1

Recent Tuition
I have been working as a private tutor for a five-year old for about three months. He is half Italian and half English and has bad hearing so finds learning hard, in particular reading and spelling. I am currently setting up a cultural tour and education company. Ever since I can remember I have been visiting museums, art galleries, exhibitions, churches, houses and other buildings of interest and, if able, sharing my knowledge with my friends.

Hobbies and Interests
I have been working as the Researcher for the BBC4, three-part series, Heritage! The Battle For Britains Past. I started working at the BBC last year in May on an internship programme, and was employed to work as the Researcher for the BBC4 archive-based series, Great Artists: In Their Own Words-(working title). For both series I had to carry out intensive biographical, historical and artistic research that I then had to comprehensively convey to the directors and producers. I researched and proposed narratives and sourced relevant contributors to ensure we told the stories in an accurate and imaginative manner. Heritage! The Battle For Britains Past-was broadcast throughout March this year and obtained acclaimed reviews.
I believe that even in the current climate, where art and culture are no longer considered merely a hobby but a major part of our daily lives and education, there is still a lack of arts coverage on television. I am fascinated by finding ways of making arts factual and entertainment programmes accessible and enjoyable for a mainstream audience. Striking the balance between tackling challenging and innovative subject matter whilst keeping the audience engaged and entertained is difficult - but its precisely this approach to documentary storytelling that I aspire to be involved in.
Since I started my first internship when I was at school, I have always worked in artistic industries. These included a Picture Framer, Art Conservator, and the talent company, Independent. I was brought up very much surrounded by art and encouraged always to look and create.
I am a keen photographer and heaving learnt the basics of film development at school, I have taken a couple of photography courses and have worked as a freelance photographer. I work with both film and digital and I have learnt to use Adobe Photoshop.
Literature plays an important part in my life
I read a lot of art exhibition catalogues as well as biographies and novels. I love hearing new stories and learning about people from different ages living diverse lifestyles. I am incredibly interested in the manner in which the written story can be translated to film and want to find out more about this process. I think that radio, television and film have made culture more available to the general public and have positively increased a desire for personal intellectualisation and education.
I have always been encouraged to discover and analyse the connections between art, society, economy, history and the general world around us. I have a wide sphere of interests and an incredible desire to amplify my knowledge where possible. My hobbies lie mainly in the arts, but I continue to pay attention to politics, the economy and ecology and am not afraid to venture into anything new and unknown.

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