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About Me
I specialise in teaching Maths and Spanish. I also teach Economics (at GCSE, A Level and undergraduate) and Finance (at A Level and undergraduate).
Im currently a PhD student and consider myself a good tutor, someone with the following characteristics:

A good listener
Creative to get the students attention
Make the subject ineteresting
Charismatic and open to learning
Love teaching


University of London Reading for a PhD. in Economics June 2010 - Present
Amplify Trading Diploma in trading equities Aug 2009 - Dec 2009
University of London MSc. in Financial Engineering 2005-2007
Pontifical Xaverian University BSc. in Industrial Engineering 1994 - 1999

Recent Tuition
Please find below some examples of my tuition experience.

Summit Saturday School - Teacher of Mathematics Feb 2009- July 2009

Prepared students for their A-level exams in Mathematics and helped them to understand the logic behind complex problems
Provided Key Stage 3 teaching for students between the ages of 11 to 14 years old for the GSCE Exam in Mathematics using interactive techniques such as "teaching with fun" , by integrating their hobbies with the lectures resulting in the students achieving top GCSE grades
Conducted non-verbal reasoning intelligence tests to pupils and assisted them in the understanding of the methodology to solve these tests
Marked the assessments provided by the school to new students and made the respective comments in terms of the areas they will need to improve

Undergraduate Economics Tuition

Provided ongoing support during the holidays for an Undergraduate Economics student

Postgraduate Business Studies Tuition

Specific support for areas of Business Studies that the student was finding difficult to grasp.

Pontifical Xaverian University - Market Research TutorFeb 2009- July 2009

Prepared market research lectures following the teachers guidelines
Supported the teacher in the evaluation of reports presented by the students

Colegio San Antonio Maria Claret - Teacher Jan 1992- Dec 1992

Provided evening lectures for people over 18 years old who could not afford to pay for their education. The lessons included teaching mathematics, social sciences, Spanish and literature.

Hobbies and Interests
EducoGym training, water sports such as surfing and swimming, chocolate and coffee research for my studies.

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Tips: Please remember to include what subject was taught, to what level and any results that were achieved

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