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English Literature

About Me
I teach all periods of English Literature and history from the Renaissance to the Post-Modern era. I specialise in Shakespearean and early modern textual studies.
I have a wide range of knowledge accumulated over many years of study and teaching. Having worked with a broad cross-section of students at different institutions and in different environments, I am adaptable and versatile. I am easy going, attentive and hard working. I am able to give concise feedback, offer inclusive wider reading lists and relevant academic written and spoken advice.
I grew up in the UK and Melbourne Australia. I am currently Lecturer in Authorship Studies at the Institute of English Studies (IES), School of Advanced Study, London University, working alongside Professor Sir Brian Vickers. I studied English and Philosophy at Bristol University, and also completed my Masters and PhD in Shakespeare studies at Bristol. I am also Creative Director for the multi-media theatre-music and film project 'The Russian Winter'. I take a strong interest in music and film as well as all aspects of history and literature.
I am currently Lecturer in Early Modern Authorship Studies at London University. I completed my PhD, Masters and BA(Hons) degrees at Bristol University. I attended school in the UK and Australia, as well as beginning my undergraduate studies at Trinity College, Melbourne University. I am a tutor now in order to make use of my skills in a flexible time-frame.
Academic Qualifications
Bristol University - 2:1 BA(Honours) English and Philosophy
Bristol University - Masters in Shakespeare 'Text and Creativity'
Bristol University - PhD in Shakespeare Authorship Studies
Recent Tuition
I have taught undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Bristol, the University of West of England and London University. Most recently, I have renewed my interest in the modern American novel, while supervising a student's (First Class) dissertation on Henry Miller. I am thus quite able to prepare and deliver teaching for modules, develop module guidelines and follow written policies on the development and moderation of assessments. As part of my duties here at the Institute, I have reviewed drafts from both students and editors and provided feedback on written work. I am able to grade essays, write reports, and provide analysis of written and spoken assessments.
English Literature:
Key Stage 3 - extra classes for 13 and 14 year olds. Groups of 4-5, covering Shakespeare.
Undergraduate Courses - Renaissance Plays - Shakespeare to Shirley, Modernism, Romanticism, Post-Modernism
Specialist subjects - The Modern Novel, Shakespeare Authorship Studies

Postgraduate Courses - Shakespeare textual studies
Philosophy: Introduction to Philosophy - Aristotle - Ethics
Plato - Republic
Hobbes - Leviathan
Hume, Locke, Kant, Mill, Bentham, Burke, etc.
Selection of clients:
Undergraduate - Goldsmiths College London- Tutored final year student thesis on Henry Miller.
Undergraduate - University of West England - Tutored seminar course on Romanticism: marked papers, gave feedback and additional personal tutorials.
Undergraduate - University of Bristol - Tutored seminar course on Shakespeare: marked papers, gave feedback and additional tutorials.
Undergraduate - University of Bristol - gave small group tutorials on Philosophy.
Postgraduate - Kings College London - Supervised PhD student, working on Shakespeare authorship studies. Advice and information given in one to one tutorials.
Hobbies and Interests
I am creative director on a long-term film and theatre project, The Russian Winter, for which I co-developed the script. In my spare time I play music and cycle regularly.

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