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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English Lit/Lang and Creative Writing. I also teach English and Maths at primary level. I am patient and likable yet anybody who has worked for me, be they a child or an adult, has always shown a conscientious attitude and been keen to impress. This has yielded excellent results and is demonstrative of my qualities as a leader and a teacher.

My most recent degree was Imaginative Writing. I had previously been studying English Literature, Music and Sociology at Liverpool University but when I saw the opportunity to study something more creative I switched universities to Liverpool John Moores. I am a published writer with a strong command of the English language and a former editor of an arts and culture magazine that was distributed nationwide so I am well trained in noticing error. I tutored both of my cousins through their GCSEs with resounding success (both achieved A grades) and it is this experience that has given me the belief that I can help children achieve the exam results that they want.

Recent Tuition

GCSE English: These two students were worried about their performances in English, as they needed to achieve at least a C grade to move on to the sixth form department of their grammar school. With six months tutoring I managed to get both up to an A grade, something that in all honesty, none of us saw coming. I was delighted to have motivated them so highly and it has spurred me on to help other children achieve what they have. I have also given motivational talks in London secondary schools about the importance of creative pursuits and making sure that no opportunity is wasted when pursuing career ambitions.
13+: Over the summer (2013) I have taught an 11 year old creative writing and drastically improved his English Comprehension. We have written a spy story together, learned about haikus, acrostic poetry and rhyme scheme, the importance of character development and how to structure a story properly. These sessions are always fun and children will always respond well to them. I have also prepared him for verbal reasoning exams and done countless English Comprehensions with him. Id say weve worked together for around 70 hours now.
English: I have also been working with a 19 year old called Mohammed who wants to write creatively in English but has it as his second language. We see each other once a week and I help him to understand spelling, tense and grammar and then how to use that foundation creatively.

Hobbies and Interests
My real passion outside of work is music. My band Outfit have been featured in The Guardian, Q Magazine, The Independent and The Sunday Times. I write songs for Outfit and have a large input on lyrical themes, direction and the content.

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