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English Literature

About Me
I specialise in teaching Maths to children up to GCSE level. However, having studied PPE at university, I am also well-placed to teach Economics, Politics, Philosophy, and general essay-writing skills to older children.
I am currently training to be a psychotherapist and I believe that my strength as a tutor lies in providing a supportive and motivating presence, which can be particularly important for struggling students, or those who lack confidence in learning or facing exams.
As a philosophy student I loved the tutorial system in Oxford, and really want to bring the benefits of that environment to older school students - encouraging students to be constantly engaged, articulate and logical, while learning about new subjects.
With younger children, I believe that my enthusiasm for learning and high energy can help children to stay on focus and enjoy the process.
I recently graduated from Oxford with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
I achieved three As at A Level in Maths, English and Economics, and an A in Spanish at AS-level.
I achieved straight A* in 11 GCSES, while also gaining an Additional Maths qualification.
I am currently studying for a Higher Certificate of Education in Counselling and Counselling Skills with Birkbeck University.
Recent Tuition
My main experience is in tutoring Maths at Key Stage 2, lower secondary and GCSE level. I have worked primarily with children who were struggling and successfully brought them up to speed.
Hobbies and Interests
I enjoy drawing, Middle Eastern dance, cooking, and reading Latin American and English literature.

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