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About Me
My specialist subject is A level Economics.

I feel I make a good tutor because I am extremely patient. I understand the importance of being patient when explaining to a student a complex aspect of a certain topic. Furthermore, I feel I am effectively able to explain difficult concepts in lay man terms. I feel I am very organised and ensure that I have prepared simple examples and past paper questions. Thus, enabling the student to see the application of a certain topic in an examination form.

Above all, I do thoroughly enjoy tutoring. I feel if you enjoy something you do you naturally do better at it.

In July 2012 I graduated from Warwick University with a degree in Law. Prior to University I went to Esher College where I achieved an A grade in A level Economics, Politics and Sociology. I went to Claremont Fan Court School where I was for the better part of 18 years.

Having benefited from having a personal tutor myself, I felt becoming a tutor myself would be a productive and rewarding way of spending my gap year. My recent tutoring experiences with Greater London Tutors has proved to be most enjoyable and fulfilling. I have taken great pleasure in assisting students achieve a better understanding of their syllabus while, also, sharing a few useful exam technique tips.

Recent Tuition

I have tutored a 6 students ranging from AQA, Edexcel and OCR exam boards. Prior to lessons I would ask students about which topic they would like to be covered. I ensured that all topics on the syllabus were covered, while encouraging exam practice, to ensure that students felt adequately prepared and confident for their examinations and examination conditions.
The students ranged from A*-C capabilities some of whom are planning to Russell Group and Red Brick Universities. My time with each student varied from a few hours to a few months. This demonstrating my ability to build both long term and short term relationships based on individual student needs.

Hobbies and Interests
In my spare time I enjoy playing a variety of sports. Ranging from netball, badminton and tennis. I enjoy reading and spending time with family and friends. I am an extremely passionate Manchester United supporter and quite an overall football and sport fanatic.

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