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About Me
My specialist subjects are English and History, but I also teach Religious Studies and Philosophy. Im a good tutor because I have years of essay-writing experience, and I have successfully helped numerous friends improve their essay-writing confidence and skills. I understand how to craft well-structured responses, and I like to think that I can help my students to get more fun out of the literary texts or historical periods they are studying. I love both English and History and that passion communicates itself in my teaching.

Im currently studying for a PhD in Victorian literature -s College London and before that I was studying for my undergraduate and Masters degrees. I work as a tutor to supplement my study grant and improve the teaching skills Ill need in my career as an academic.

Recent Tuition

Fourteen months working with a 7-8 year old boy on literacy and creative writing. I very much enjoyed working with Max and by the end of the time we spent together, he was writing much more confidently, with better grammar and spelling and much-improved presentation of his work.
Two years volunteering at the Ministry of Stories, Hoxton (creative writing centre for 8-11 year olds). Work with groups of children from local primary schools, writing individual endings to stories begun as a group. I dont meet children before the session begins so have to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of individuals and the dynamic of the group: great preparation for tutoring. My main role is to be a facilitator, encouraging children to have confidence in their work.

Hobbies and Interests
Apart from my academic work, I have a number of varied interests. I volunteer as a tour guide at Highgate Cemetery in North London
I recently completed a course in Drawing for the Graphic Novel (comic books!) at the Princes Drawing Schooland I also enjoy expressing myself creatively through cooking, sewing and (more eccentrically) nail art.

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