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About Me
My specialist subjects are Mathematics and Physics. I can also teach French.

For me tutoring is not just a part time job, it is a hobby since I take pleasure in helping other people achieve their academic goals in demanding subjects that I have constantly perfected as a student. In addition to this, I have a long experience with students plus I enjoy a great deal of patience in case the students are not up to the standard. Finally, my communication skills and fluency in the English language would ensure high quality tutoring.

Sept.2012-Sept.2013 Imperial College/MSc Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics
2009-2012 Kingston University/1st class BEng(Hons) Aerospace Engineering
2000-2009 International School of Choueifat/American AP(A-Level equivalent): Maths(A) Physics(A) French(A) Mathematical Physics(A)
A-Level: Maths(A)
GCSE: Maths(A*) English(A*) Physics(A*) Chemistry(A*) Biology(A*) French(A*) Business Studies(A)

Recent Tuition

A-Level Maths: Privately tutored students preparing for their A-level maths exam. Constantly had positive feedback from everyone I have tutored.
First Year University Maths/Aerodynamics: Taught First year university engineering students maths and aerodynamics in groups of 5. Tremendous improvement in their academic performance was the end result.

Hobbies and Interests
I am a very dynamic person. Apart from teaching I enjoy a varied sporting and social life. I was a key member in the Imperial College swimming team during my masters course. Im also a student member in the Royal Aeronautical Society constantly attending seminars and talks since Im seeking chartership in my field. Moreover, I am a keen reader in many topics mainly military history, the stock market and engineering technology. Finally, I occasionally go gliding where I would like to gain a solo pilots licence.

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