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About Me
I have 10+ years of experience in 4 different countries tutoring both children and adults from all walks of life, at all levels, with and without disabilities.

My specialist subjects are English and History. I also teach French, Maths, Philosophy and exam preparation technique.

I am a French/English bilingual graduate with an upper class degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art, international exposure and extensive teaching/tutoring experience. I enjoy traveling the world, mentoring and inspiring young and more mature minds and the pursuit of my own further education during my spare time via targeted reading and online courses.

I thrive in cultural exposure, discovering new countries and the ability to reach out and find common ground with individuals from all walks of life in the most unexpected circumstances. I am well presented and impeccably mannered with a very calm demeanor during teaching sessions. Outside the classroom, I love a good laugh and lead a rich and active life-style. I enjoy taking my tutees on cultural trips, sharing sporting activities and providing sensible personal and career advice where needed.

I believe in both the practice of discipline (yet creative in its exercises) inside the classroom and taking the subject outside the classroom to show how school lessons relate to the real world. My aim as a teacher is to impart, nurture and grow a passion for learning and the desire to strive for excellence. I believe that, no matter the age, those are the two keys to building a well-rounded, successful and independent person.

September 2005 - July 2009 BA Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
Brussels, Belgium / ENSAV La Cambre
October 2002 - July 2005 BA Hons. History of Art (2.1)
London, Uk / Courtauld Institute of Art
September 1995 - June 2002 French International Baccalaureate, British Section (Mention)
Saint-Germain-En-Laye, France / Lycee International Saint-Germain-En-Laye
Majors in Philosophy, Literature, Theatre and German
IGCSEs in English language, English literature and History (A-A*)

Recent Tuition
I have held teaching positions for 10+ years with students of all ages including full time residential positions, after-school positions and preparation courses for exams and specific events. One of the positions involved travelling with the family. My most recent tutoring is in A-level Government and Politics, GCSE English and 11+ Common Entrance in English, Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning.

Specialised in exam preparations, content memorisation, reading comprehension, essay writing techniques and critical thinking at all levels in both the British and French school systems.
Specialised in residential tuition
Children ages 4 to 14, natives and non natives in English and French
7+ English and Maths
11+ English, Maths, Verbal and Non- -Verbal reasoning
13+ English and French
GCSE English Literature, History and French
IGCSE English, English Literature and History
A level English Literature, History, Government and Politics
French Baccalaureate Literature, Philosophy, English and History
After school homework British, French and IB curricula for non natives ages 6 to 17
Francophone students preparing entrance exams for UK and US universities
BA English Literature
MA English Literature
Conversational French and English with non-natives
Business French and English for Adult non-native high profile clients from the Diplomatic, Financial and Art worlds

Hobbies and Interests
I am very curious by nature and explore as much as possible. I love traveling, trekking, fashion, fine wine and dining and enjoy nothing more than wrapping up all of the above by getting completely lost in a random city or country - so far, Iceland, Bangladesh, Ghana and Transylvania - Preferably with a book on game theory or behavioral economics. If I stay home, I might read the papers, write, go swimming or practice a little martial arts. I should also definitely get back into chess.

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