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About Me
Contrary to what my qualifications might suggest, I did not find maths easy! My approach to tutoring reflects this: I understand the areas that students find difficult, and having worked through them myself, I am well-prepared to explain them. I make sure to select exercises which test potential sticking points and build a deep and thorough understanding.
I obtained my bachelors and masters degrees in mathematics from Cambridge University, and my PhD in quantum gravity from Nottingham University. On graduating, to pursue my goal of learning Mandarin, I moved to Beijing, where I was employed as an English teacher at Wall Street English. In August I will join Deloitte as an actuarial consultant. Until then, I have determined to divide my time between studying for HSK6 (a certificate of proficiency in Mandarin) and tutoring maths, which I have always found highly enjoyable and rewarding.

Recent Tuition
This Summers clients:-

Piers: Edexcel C3, C4.
Bisola: Edexcel M1, S1, C3, FP1. Topics of particular focus have been kinematics of a particle moving in a straight line, the Normal distribution, Venn diagrams, tree diagrams and proof by induction.
Aubrey: Edexcel S1, C1, C2.
Sani: Edexcel: C1, C2.
Hamish: AQA C4, FP2, FP4. Areas weve payed extra attention to are vectors, systems of three linear equations, linear transformations and proof by induction.
Jack: AQA C4.
Aislin: Edexcel C4.
Joe: 2nd year engineering maths - vector calculus, linear series and transforms.

Previous clients:-

Rebecca: Edexcel M1, M2. Classes were geared towards preparation for resits. Client improved grade from a U to a B. An area of particular focus was masses on rough inclined planes.
Ben: crash course in Mandarin in preparation for moving to Beijing. He now studies with my old teacher and friend (in Beijing) who remarked to me he has unusually good pronunciation for a beginner.

Hobbies and Interests
Much of my spare time is spent studying Mandarin. Later this year I hope to begin Cantonese.
Food and music are my other passions. I adore cooking and fine-dining. I play the piano and cello.

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