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About Me
My specialist subjects are English, Spanish and French. I also teach 11+ and 13+, Biology, essay planning, exam and study skills, interview technique and provide support with UCAS applications. I have taught from primary to A-level and to undergraduate level (English). I am an inventive tutor and hope to build my students' confidence in, and enjoyment of, their subjects through patience, enthusiasm, dedication and fun. I especially enjoy the personal interaction with students, and the visible progress that is made through one-on-one or small group tutoring.
I went to competitive London schools, a Somerset boarding school and then to Oxford University, where I studied English literature, so I can identify with the competitive environment in which pupils find themselves. I have recently been living in Mexico and also work in fiction publishing.
I studied English Language and Literature at Oxford. After graduation, I moved to Mexico where I worked for four years as an English, French and Spanish teacher to children and adults, also as a dancer, and as part-time curator in an art gallery. I also ran literacy workshops and supervised homework sessions for local children. Returning to the UK, I went back to Oxford for a Masters in Creative writing and critical theory, for which I was awarded a Distinction, and started writing a novel. For three years I worked as an editorial assistant in the literary fiction department of a well-known publishing house, but missed teaching and went freelance in October. Now I am a tutor and freelance editor full-time.
-Christ Church, Oxford University
MSt Creative Writing - part-time 2008 - 2010 (Distinction)
BA Hons English Language and Literature - 2003 - 2006 (2:1, 69 average)
1st Class extended essays - Penelope Fitzgerald
Virginia Woolf: Writing and Visual Arts.
Ref. Peter Conrad, Prof. Christopher Butler
-Wellington School, Somerset 1997 - 2002
A-Level English (A), French (A), Biology (A)
AS Level Photography (A) Maths (B)
GCSE 7A* (Latin, History, English, French, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
2A (Maths, Geography)
-Francis Holland School, London 1995 - 1997
-St. Christopher's School, London 1989 - 1995
Recent Tuition
L, 14, is dyslexic and much more interested in sport and drama than in English and Maths. I've been tailoring our lessons (including working in elements of drama and creativity) around her interests and she is much more engaged and has started reading and writing in her own time.
H, 13, is hard-working and enthusiastic. I have been supporting him in English and Maths, and also helping him to improve his French conversation and provide general support with his studies.
Support for E, V, T and S in writing their personal statements. I also helped them with interview and exam technique and effective essay structure. They are all going to their first choice universities.
H,18 - first year undergraduate English, helping her to adapt her A-level thinking and writing to the more demanding university context.
J, 21, third-year undergraduate in English, with mild dyslexia. Having worked together throughout the course so far, this year things have intensified and J's writing style is improving no end as she tackles far more complex ideas with ease.
GCSE - E, J, V - help with written work and literary appreciation - making the study of literature more relevant and fun
A-LEVEL - B, L, V, E - essay writing, exam technique, an overview of English literature and how to approach questions by putting the books in their wider literary context in order to achieve the top grades.
GCSE Spanish - Written, grammar and oral work with A. who attended South Hampstead School. Supporting A throughout her course in Year 10. I will continue to work with A. during the next academic year when we will focus on exam specific skills in preparation for her final GCSE exams. A. is aiming for a B or A grade.
GCSE Spanish - G. is aiming for an A or A* in her final GCSE exams next summer, so we are focusing on improving her written work and grammar. G.s speaking skills are already quite strong but we also cover these skills each time we meet.
Pre-GCSE Spanish - V. needed an introduction to the basics of Spanish, having decided in Year 9 that she would pursue that subject to GCSE level. We worked together over a 3 year period until her final GCSE exams.
Pre-GCSE - Joint and individual lessons with Year 9 students A. and E, focusing on basic vocabulary and improving confidence in oral work. We worked together over the course of one academic year but both girls decided not to continue with Spanish to GCSE level.
GCSE French - ad hoc sessions to support Emily, an extremely able student, with exam preparation, oral and written and listening practise, and to keep her on her toes and make sure she stays at the top of her class at a competitive London school.
IB standard level French - two students from Marlborough College who had been having difficulty engaging with French and had no enthusiasm but, by the end of our second session, were laughing, enjoying themselves and asked me to continue with them next term.
GCSE and A-Level Biology for V, 15 - 18, I supported V during her GCSE and then her A-Level Biology, to reinforce what she was learning at school and help her tackle difficult questions.
AQA AS Biology with E - consolidating the syllabus and providing entertainment, encouragement and support.
AS English Biology - D, 17, missed a lot of her lower sixth year due to ME - I have been helping her with English and Biology A-level and last year helped her with GCSE subjects including English, French, Biology, Spanish, History.
I have experience in tutoring students for 11+ and 13+ entrance into competitive schools, including, Wickham Abbey, Eton College, St Paul's, Alleyn's, Lady Eleanor Holles, Brighton College and City of London.
11+ Maths and English - Weekly tuition for J. in preparation for 11+ exams next year. We are focussing on exam technique for entrance into some of London's top schools.
11+ Maths and English - Weekly lessons with L. in preparation for 11+ exams next year. We are working on reasoning, comprehension and maths exam skills for the paper.
11+ English - Weekly lessons with G. in preparation for 11+ exams next year. We are focusing on building on his basis his comprehension skills and helping G. think more creatively in his composition pieces.
Common Entrance Level French, English Maths: A, 13 - I've been helping with homework, especially English, French and Maths, and talking about her GCSE choices and helping her to decide where her strengths lie. Will continue to teach her her when she starts her GCSEs in September.
Pre-prep Maths and English: S, 5, recently diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome and was having trouble adapting to life at 'big' school. I read with him and played and encouraged him to talk about school and how best to interact with the other children. He has now been at school for a few years and we are in touch but he hardly needs me anymore!
G, 5 - literacy and numeracy support and development.
[His mother: 'I cannot believe what the two of you have achieved over the past couple of months alone - he is always excited to come to lessons and is now reading much more fluently than before.']
A, 3 - A is gifted and was getting frustrated that he was so much more advanced than many of his peers so I have been tailoring lessons to suit his literacy and numeracy level, gradually learning sounds, fractions and blending words.
E, 6 - English is E's third language, I have been helping her to use the reading and writing skills she already has and transfer them to a more fluent level of English. We are also masterminding a new restaurant idea and spend the last ten minutes of each lesson adding to our menu.
N, 30 - N did not complete her secondary education and has now decided to apply to college courses, I am helping improve her literacy in order for her to be able to express herself more freely in applications and interviews.
Aspergers: My brother (who won't mind me saying!) has Aspergers Syndrome and is now in his mid 20s and doing a PhD - so I have had experience of spending time with Aspergers for almost all my life and have first hand experience of how the condition can be understood, managed and then converted to mainstream professional success.
Undergraduate Dyslexia Support - G, 19, is dyslexic and studying English at the University of London. I've been helping her with the transition from A-level to degree level thinking, helping her to make useful revision notes and to overcome difficulties with verbal and written expression and to practise exam technique using sample questions. She has just finished her exams and I will be continuing to teach her for her second year.
Schools experience:
- English (Language and Literature) and French in a college in Mexico - ages 14-18, including more intensive after school sessions with smaller groups of students.
- English (as a foreign language) and French in a private language school - ages 5 - 37.
- After school lessons with pupils from Wellington School in Somerset, where I went to school myself - help with French, English, Biology, History at GCSE and Key Stage 3 level.
- Creation Theatre - Shakespeare and drama workshops - focus on story and character to make Shakespeare plays accessible and engaging for primary school age children.
- Xaltemba Gallery - Creative writing and Spanish workshops for adults and teenagers.
- Private Spanish language and conversation classes with adults.
Hobbies and Interests
I spend a lot of time reading (for work) and writing but I also love dancing, aerobics, theatre and art galleries, and I go to the seaside whenever I get the chance!
I am interested in anything Latin American so I spend quite a lot of time reading the books, eating the food and listening to the music from that culture as well.

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