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About Me
I specialise in teaching Common Entrance 13+ (all subjects) and English at all levels. I also teach Spanish.

My abilities as a professional writer mean I am able to hone my students skills to write hard-hitting answers which fully answer the question and deliver marks.
I am hard-working, professional and organised, well-versed in pre-planning and teaching technique, and always work with materials prepared and ready for class. My versatility around different subjects means I am passionate and emotive, engaging students and showing them how interesting the material can be.

For me, teaching is a process where inspiration, and the way that is conveyed through the material, is the most important part of the learning process. I try to show my excitement and optimism about learning new things in a way that my favourite teachers in the past taught me.

We have all sat in classrooms and covered the material we need to and wondered about the fastest and best way to cram it into our heads. My students in the past have all told me how much they feel they have learnt just sitting down at the table, where the concepts and ideas are drilled precisely so that they become familiar and are easier to deal with when exam-time comes.

That being said, I look carefully at the exam syllabus and make sure that in the given time frame, every single aspect of every single exam question has been covered, and there are no black spots.

I work with clarity and utmost professionalism. I am reliable, highly organised and trustworthy, but most of all, I am a good communicator and work well as a go-between between students and their parents, sharing ideas about the best way ahead and finding the route to take.

Im a highly motivated self-starter, and an avid writer on social issues, education and politics, whose work has been published in many of the UKs leading media, including The Times, The Guardian, The Independent among others.

At Trinity College Dublin I obtained a first class degree in Spanish, Politics and Theatre Studies, before going on to teach kids from Bedales school in GCSE and A Level Spanish and English Literature.

I have always loved writing and so have spent the last few years working abroad in countries including Chile, where I lived and worked for a year as associate editor of the countrys largest English-language newspaper, The Santiago Times. I have also written features and video stories from Peru, Brazil, China, Burma, Thailand and India.

I recently returned to London although still have a real passion for travelling. My foremost plan is to impart my learning and knowledge to my students, help them achieve great results and make their schooling positive and exciting. Its a tough world out there, and any knowledge - curriculum-based or otherwise - stands kids in good stead to be high-achievers when they step out into it. I really believe in doing a good job at this.

The time I am not teaching I currently work shifts at the BBC in London. Of course, if any student is interested in the media world, I am happy to share all my experiences and advice about the best way to do it.

Recent Tuition

CE 13+ Maths Science: I took Rex, a common entrance student, through his entire syllabus to get in to Westminster College. The subjects I paid close attention to were Maths, History, Science, English and Religious Education. Rex bounced from a fail to a good pass in the exams, much to the delight of his parents. (See testimonial below!)
I have taught GCSE History, English, Politics, Science and Spanish. Several students were my tutees by word-of-mouth throughout the months leading to their A-Level and GCSE exams, while I worked during the summers away from university and in the year shortly after I left.
I taught full-time English Literature six hours per week throughout the year to Ellie, an A Level student from Bedales who suffered from an illness and could no longer attend school. I taught Ellie the full syllabus of A and AS Level English language texts, including Orwells Animal Farm, Huxleys Brave New World, Several Shakespeare, Chaucers Canterbury Tales, HG Wells-Time Machine

It was a challenge working to the syllabus and time constraints which we had, but Ellie eventually achieved an A* grade and was over the moon with her results.

Word of my success spread and I took on several other students at both A level and GCSE Spanish, all of whom were very happy with their results. I subsequently taught seven students from Bedales School, Hampshire: GCSE Spanish and French, one-on-one and as a group during the lead up to their exams. We covered oral and written technique to improve their language versatility, went on field trips to plays and films. I was highly recommended throughout Bedales and forwarded to other parents and families.
I also taught Ella, in-house tutoring three hours per week in Spanish language GCSE for four months leading up to her exams. Our lessons were highly exam focused oral and written preparation looking at exam texts and preparing for weekly tests.

I now tutor regularly and am currently working with an 11 year old boy preparing for 13+ Common Entrance exams (English, maths, science) and a GCSE History student.

Hobbies and Interests
I am a freelance journalist and documentary film maker. Please feel free to see my website:
Computing: I am skilled at using computers, most especially editing software as it has been my job in the past to put together videos for broadcast in short space of time. I am adept at Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Word, Quark and many others.
Photography: I am a keen photographer and my photos and videos have been published in publications such as TIME Magazine, The Atlantic, The Independent, The Guardian, The Baltimore Times, and Lightbox Magazine.
Drama and acting: While studying Theatre at Trinity College Dublin I was an active member of the Players society and acted and directed many plays, ranging from Lorcas Blood Wedding, to Euripides Medea, to Strindbergs Ghost Sonata.

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