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About Me
My specialists subjects are Theology (Religious Studies) A-Level, focusing on Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics and Religious Studies at GCSE and.
I do teach History and world religions at Key Stage Three.
I am patient and knowledgeable - two important skills that enable me to connect with students and identify the blocks that prevent them from succeeding. Along with great communication skills and a sense of fun to engage even the most reticent of students I have a great knowledge of my subject areas.
I also have experience in interviewing, as well as the Oxford admissions process, and am familiar with
the ingredients which make for an excellent application and performance on the day for any academic
entrance competition having worked in secondary schools for seven years.
I studied Divinity at Edinburgh and specialised in Ecclesiastical History which has given me a very broad base to teach Religious Studies and History to secondary school pupils from a wide range of abilities. Having trained as a teacher after four years working in property I have learnt the hard way about how to engage, motivate and interest my pupils and more importantly to get them thinking independently.
To be a tutor is a great privilege as it allows me to encourage and de-mystify some of the greatest thinkers and eternal questions.

Recent Tuition
I have worked with A level students who have either missed topics through illness and helped them get back up to speed. I have also worked with students that have failed modules and need help regaining confidence and to be thoroughly prepared for the next examination in order to exceed their target grades.

Crispin: 17 year old boy, tutored for A Level Religious Studies after he failed his AS year. Involved one to one sessions for two hours once a week. Involved developing his written skills, increasing his motivation after this public failure and teaching him study skills in addition to the syllabus. Moved from F grade to B grade.
Martha: 10 year old girl with Dyslexia, tutored for 11+ entrance examination. Concentrated on English and History. (Residential tutoring over one holiday and then followed up with weekly evening sessions).
David: 12 year old boy who had missed a year of school while his parents had lived abroad and was struggling at school. Concentrated on Engish, Maths and Science. Went from a predicted D grade to a B pass. (Residential tutoring over several school holidays.)

I have held a variety of tutoring positions and in addition to those listed above have also worked with pupils on a one to one basis in the schools in which I work.

Hobbies and Interests
In addition to teaching I play tennis most of the year around, ski in the winter and sail in the summer. Reading is a big passion and the core of any summer holiday. I cycle to work, less a hobby and more of a gentle form of exercise.

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