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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English Literature and French, though I also teach English language, Portuguese, Drama and Singing in addition to being a qualified Ski Instructor.

I have a naturally positive rapport with students that helps me to engage and manage lessons effectively. I am enthusiastic, approachable and dedicated, and I endeavour to present myself and run my classes in a professional and energetic fashion. I understand the pressures students can feel under in the run-up to exams, and, whether the student needs motivating or is already very keen, I enjoy using my background as an actor to develop lively methods of teaching.
I did a four year degree at the University of Cambridge, studying French and Portuguese for the first two years before I switched to English in my third year, receiving a 2.1 upon graduating in 2012.

This has left me with a varied set of language skills, and a wide knowledge of literature from several cultures. I also recently took my Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Adults (CELTA) at International House London, receiving a Pass B-grade.

I attended Highgate School in North London, taking Biology, English, French and Music for A-level, receiving 4 As (all at 90% or above). At GCSE, I received the highest mark in the country for French, and received 9A*s in total.

I now tutor to remain involved in the academic world, and to help young learners fulfil their academic potential. I enjoy having flexible work around my work in theatre, and the opportunity to work with different people every day!

Recent Tuition

I started tutoring during my undergraduate years to help a GCSE (OCR) student who was struggling with her French oral. Having been predicted a C, she ended up achieving an A* grade. This success which prompted me to seek out further teaching opportunities. I now work teaching English (most recently the CIE/Edecxcel iGCSE syllabus) and French (familiar with AQA, OCR, Edexcel and iGCSE). I can also assist, on the rare occasion, with Portuguese and drama.
I work as a freelance EFL teacher at language schools across London, having qualified to teach English as a foreign language in December 2012 (receiving a high Pass B CELTA grade). I have taught children from ages 5-18, from a wide range of nationalities, background and abilities, and have been repeatedly hired to cover adult-learner classes at all levels. Most recently I have been working on a part-time basis at a summer school, teaching advanced English to teenage groups.
As an EFL teacher, I have been complimented on my organisation, adaptability, and skill at adapting courses to make them relevant and interesting to students whilst making sure the fundamentals of the syllabus are always respected. Equally, my attention to detail when giving feedback to students focuses their attentions on how to practically improve, whilst my ability to create positive rapport with students has enabled me to motivate even the most reserved of pupils, allowing them to go on and succeed in IELTS exams.

Hobbies and Interests
I am a singer, actor and director who has worked on professional productions in London and Cambridge, having staged sell-out productions from studio theatre plays to a full-scale opera. I am a keen traveller, having journeyed solo across the United States and South America in recent years, and I enjoy meeting new people and learning from different cultures.
I have studied French and Portuguese to degree level, Russian to GCSE level, and taken classes in Italian at the Italian Cultural Institute. I also enjoy cooking, having trained at the Cookery School, at Little Portland Street.

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