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About Me
I have a very good understanding of Maths, which I have been studying intensively since childhood. Confirming this are numerous prizes and awards I have been getting, as well as one of the top First Class degrees from Oxford. I do think it is important to actually be good in the subject you are teaching, as you are able to explain the context as well as project confidence. I also believe that even though I can understand all of the material I will teach, I can also understand how some points may be confusing and what ways there are to overcome confusion.
As you can see from my CV, I have studied at school outside UK. The culture of Maths education at my schools differs from that of English schools in one important respect. In my country of origin when we study Maths we are explained why things work or even prove them much more often than this is done here. I think that this knowledge of underlying reasons helps in understanding the subject and motivates to study it. I know a broad repertoire of these not difficult explanations and believe that I can help my student by using them in some situations.
I am a recent Oxford Maths graduate, with an MMath degree. I have received a Junior Mathematical Prize to recognise my "excellent performance in the examination". My own mathematical education began early and I have experienced a lot of different forms of tuition, including one-to-one tutorials, summer schools, correspondence school. I have a deep knowledge of the subject and ways to teach it and I want to help others understand that Maths is not as difficult and arbitrary as it may seem. At the moment I am a PhD student at Imperial College London.

Recent Tuition
I have experience in teaching Maths from GCSE up to university degree level. I have taught the regular school curriculum as well as extra-curricular Maths for Oxbridge interviews.
A-level (Maths), GCSE (Maths and Physics), University Admission Preparation (Oxbridge Maths Interview and Entrance Test), University Degree (Complex Analysis, Vector Calculus, Fluid Dynamics)

Selection of clients:

Cai Zhi: provided solutions to a past paper for a university exam.
Holly: helped with Vector Calculus and Fluid Dynamics for a resit of the exam.
Alkhas: two weeks of intensive GCSE Maths and Physics tuition to bridge the gap between Russian and English curricula.
Jeffrey: Skype preparation for Oxford MAT test and interview.
Jessica: tutored for Maths course at Open University in Australia.
Alice: weekly A-level Maths tuition.
Hugo: one 2-hour Cambridge interview preparation session.
Ksenia: Russian curriculum 6th form Maths tuition.
Amedeo: A-level mechanics and trigonometry tuitionMatthew: one Oxford interview preparation session
Khaled: 16 hours of one-to-one A-level tuition in preparation for exams, Khaledsaverage mark on past papers has increased from 60 on the first one to 80-90 on thelast ones

Hobbies and Interests
As my status of a PhD student suggests, I am interested in Maths (in Knot Theory in particular). But I have a lot of other interests, e.g. literature and cinema are very important for me. I speak Russian and Estonian and thinking of studying some other European language. I also play basketball.

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