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About Me
I take time and careful consideration to understand the situation of each student. It is crucial to find the teaching methods that work best in any given situation, because context is key and every student thinks differently. I am goal-orientated, but I also try to make my classes as exciting as possible.
Main subjects:
German/French (IB and others)
I also teach:
IB Extended Essay
Applying to Cambridge
I have a Bachelor of Law from the University of Cambridge (1st) and a Masters in International Law from the University of Paris. Last year I qualified as a solicitor with a large American law firm in London. I am now taking a professional break and considering re-entering academia.
Recent Tuition
I have extensive teaching experience in a number of subjects. Before going to University I taught French and English to GCSE level students in Germany. After my graduation I taught various law modules to UCL law students, as well as German and History to A-Level students. I also helped several relatives and children of friends to apply to top universities.
A selection of previous students:
Edward: Tutored in GCSE French three times while Edward was in London during Half-term. Edward gained an A in his oral, instead of the predicted C.
David: Tutored twice a week for three months in-house (German GCSEs in English, French and Modern History). David had his first A grade in several years (he used to be a C grade student) a couple of weeks after my classes.
Erik: Tutored in-house once a week for five months (GCSE in French). Achieved A* one month into tutoring.
Christine: Tutored once a week in-house for two months, prior to her German and French A-Levels (German equivalent). Christine had been predicted two Cs, and achieved an A (German) and a B (French).
Cressida: London City School for Girls student, tutored twice a week for her A-Level History and German exams three months prior, achieved two As (predicted B and C).
Maisie: London City School for Girls student, tutored three times a week for a month before her German, French and History GCSEs. Achieved two A*s (History, French) and one A (German), although she had been predicted one A (French) and two Bs (History, German).
Hobbies and Interests
My biggest hobby is travelling (recently Ethiopia, Mexico and Israel). I'm also a passionate reader of fiction and I run my own culture blog which covers art, cinema and music.

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