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Business Studies

About Me
I tutor Business Studies and Accounting to BSc undergraduate and Professional level. I also tutor (at both GCSE, A-level and IB)
Geography, Politics, Business, Accounting and Economics. I also tutor GCSE sciences. I am a good tutor because I am enthusiastic and very patient. I have also served as an assessor for an accounting professional body.
I am a Chartered Accountant with a first degree in Geography (which was my best subject in school). I got my Chartered Institutre of Public Finance professional qualification in Nov 2003 (CPFA) and my Associate Chareterd Accountant (ACA) in Nov 1989. I have always loved teaching imparting knowledge and I also tutor Politics and Economics having worked in the public sector for over 13 years.

Recent Tuition
I have completed over 1,500 hours of one to one and group tuition of diverse needs and abilities and across a range of subjects.

Gavin - Evening tutoring for two full academic years. Business studies Edexcel AS and A2 modules - He went from a D in his January AS exams after which he started his tuition with me, to an A in his final A2 exams and he is now studying in University of Nottingham.
Chantal - Evening tutoring for AS AQA business for one year - Chantal came to me with a D in Business studies and she was able to get an A and is now studying at City University.
Emily - Accounting and Finance student, studying at the University of York. I tutored Emily in Financial Management, Business management and Accounting. Emily was on a 2nd class lower grade and she had tutoring over one year during all the holidays in her final year - she later graduated with a 2nd class upper with an average of 67%.
Stella - tutored for GCSE A- A* grade. Concentrated on Geography OCR, Business ED-Excel, and Accounting AQA. Stella went from a predicted C grade to an A* pass. She had evening tutoring as well as weekday tutoring during the half term holidays.
Jessica - I tutored Jessica Politics (Edexcel) in her A2 year and she achieved an A grade. She is now studying at the University of Leeds.
Boye - I tutored Boye in Business studies AS (OCR) and he achieved an A grade. Boye is currently completing his A2 and has a predicted A level grade.
Chris - He came to me when he had an E in his final A2 Business (Edexcel) and C in Geography (AQA) and was retaking the whole year. Chris had lessons for 2 hours a week for the whole year and he was able to make a B in Business and an A in Geography. He is now studying at The University of Sussex.
Gbeke - She was doing combined sciences GCSE- AQA. Gbeke had evening lessons once a week for 7 months and made an A* and A in both combined science papers.
Laura - tutored for A2 level Accounting (AQA) for 2 hours a week and she achieved an A* and was able to meet university offers for LSC.
Rahim had tuition on A2 Geography Unit 3 and 4 (Edexcel).

I have been a tutor for over 8 years and I am also a youth mentor. I work with a variety of students from secondary school (GCSE) to postgraduates. The subjects I teach are A level Geography, Politics, Economics, Accounting and Business Studies. I am also very familiar with the Edexcel, OCR and AQA syllabuses for these subjects
In my day job as an accountant I also have experience with teaching people for whom English is not their first language and those that do not have much experience with accounting and finance. I have a lot of experience in teaching University students who have challenges with Financial and management accounting, ACCA professional students and finance related courses as well as MBA students. I have been fortunate to see a lot of my past students graduate from top universities and florish in thier chosen careers

Hobbies and Interests
Going for long walks, meeting people from other cultures, travelling.

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