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About Me
My specialist subjects are Sociology (A-Level and Undergraduate) and Religious Studies (GCSE and A-Level).
I am a diligent tutor who is responsive to the individual needs of his clients. I am able to quickly assess a students level of confidence and aptitude with a subject and build an effective study programme around this. I am keen to discuss academic progress with parents and students so as to contribute to a student taking responsibility for their own self-assessment. I strike up good relationships with my students so as to ensure that the student develops their ability to freely discuss work difficulties. I am also able to keep students to deadlines whilst ensuring that high standards are met in all areas of their work.
I have a B.A. (Hons.) in Media and Sociology and a M.A. in Sociology (Distinction), both awarded by Goldsmiths, University of London. I have previously worked for film companies, human rights organisations, refugee charities, and public policy think tanks.
Aside from tutoring, I have recently worked as a researcher for a policy advisory group and a contributor to online news platforms.

Recent Tuition
Since 2009, I have taught 7+ 11+ preparation, English and Maths at Key Stage 2 3, Religious Studies (GCSE, AS, A2, Undergraduate), Cultural Studies (Undergraduate), Media Studies (A2 Undergraduate), Sociology (AS/A2 Undergraduate).

Silvester: part-time tuition for AS A2 Level Religious Studies (Edexcel), achieved an A* (2 years).
Richard: intensive revision sessions during final term of A2 Level Religious Studies (OCR), went from a predicted C grade to an A.
Bilal: weekly AS A2 Sociology (OCR) tutoring lessons, working on essay writing skills, course content, exam techniques (1 year).
Max: intensive revision sessions during AS A2 Sociology (OCR), achieved an A grade.
Albert: intensive revision session in London, and residential stay in Norwich, leading up to AS Sociology retakes, went from predicted B grade onto achieving an A.
Jacob: guided a Sociology undergraduate student with their coursework. Particular attention paid to developing dissertation questions, literature reviews, methodological considerations, writing up findings (1 year)
Adam: full-time AS A2 Media Studies, assisting with practice-based coursework and all course content. Went from predicted D grade to achieve a B pass.
Mila: guided a Media and Cultural Studies undergraduate student with their dissertation. Provided advice on conducting interviews, literature review, proofreading, encouraging full engagement with course content (18 months).
Extensive experience of teaching individuals small groups of students in examination techniques, revision sessions and providing guidance with coursework dissertations.

After establishing a tutoring schema with parent and student, I endeavor to provide full and flexible support to help students navigate their particular requirements. I am comfortable working in students homes or in other settings.

Hobbies and Interests
My current hobbies range from writing creative fiction, swimming, making the best use of Londons many libraries and playing tennis.

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