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About Me
My specialist subjects are Chemistry and Biology in which I tutor pupils up to A-Level standard. I also teach Maths and Physics up to IGCSE standard. With over two years of tutoring experience I am familiar with the GCSE, and A-Level syllabuses and assessment process of the major exam boards.

I try to provide a friendly approach to tutoring while engaging students in the learning process. I believe that it is vital to encourage the student to play an active part in lessons with private tuition being the perfect opportunity for this. I feel that it is key to always have a positive approach in order to give students confidence in their abilities and instil a can-do attitude that will stay with them in their future studies. By guiding students through problems rather than simply providing the correct answer ensures a greater understanding and guarantees that the knowledge is retained.

I obtained my Undergraduate and Masters degree from the University of York where I studied Chemistry graduating in July 2011 with First Class Honors. After four years in York I decided it was time for a move to the big city and I am now in the final year of a PhD in Chemical Biology at Imperial College London.
During the last five years I have had the opportunity of teaching both Science and Music and have found the experiences greatly rewarding and enjoyable. I am now continuing to teach by tutoring in the London area.

Recent Tuition
I have previous experience of tutoring students at GCSE and IGCSE level in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths along with tutoring A-level students in both Chemistry and Biology. I also have experience tutoring students for their 13+ Common Entrance exams in Science and Maths.

Recent students

Michael - Tutored A-Level Chemistry over the last academic year. Michael went from being on a B to at the beginning of the year to receiving an A and getting into Durham University.
Stephen - Currently providing weekly sessions preparing Stephen for his IGCSE Maths and Science exams coming up in the next academic year.
Basil - Provided revision and exam preparation sessions for Basils IGCSE exams in Science and Maths this year.
James - Taught GCSE Chemistry and Biology over an 8 month period, helping re-enforce various areas of the syllabus. I provided exam preparation sessions resulting in James going from a grade C to A.
Emily - I worked with Emily for an intense two week period in preparation for her 13+ Common Entrance Exams in Maths and Science
Hamish - Tutored IGCSE Chemistry and Biology in order to aid the conversion of studying double to triple science.
Tim - Tutored GCSE Maths and A-Level Chemistry for a 6 month period leading up to exams. Tim received A* and A grades respectively for each subjects.
Matthew - Tutored GCSE Double Science award during the summer holidays between his first and second year of studies.

Hobbies and Interests
During my spare time I love playing sport with tennis and squash being two of my favorites. I also enjoy music and co-present a weekly radio show on IC Radio playing the latest releases from artists as well as commenting on the weeks news.

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