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About Me
My specialist subjects are Psychology and Geography. I can also teach History, Maths, English.

Experience and empathy are the main attributes that make me a good tutor. I have a vast experience of working with students within educations settings. This means I know how to plan a lesson effectively. I appreciate that all students learn in different ways so Im keen to understand how individuals learn best and adapt my teaching style to their needs. I can empathise with the students, having worked hard for my exams myself I understand the pressure as well as the importance of their upcoming exams. These attributes make me a good tutor.

Ive just graduated from The University of Warwick after achieving a 2.1 in Psychology. Previous to this, I achieved three As at A level (History, Geography and Economics) at St Albans School, which I moved to after gaining 6 A*s and 3As at GCSE at St Johns School. Im now looking to tutor to further my career in education. Ive had tutoring in the past so I can really appreciate the impact it can make- I want to help make this difference.

Recent Tuition

Whilst studying for my A Levels I was a year 10 tutor. This involved mentoring a class of year 10 boys, guiding them through A Level choices as well as university options. Previous to this, I volunteered for a year as a year 4 Teaching Assistant at St Peters Primary School. Currently, Im shadowing KS2 and KS3 teachers in my local primary school, Essendon Primary School.

Hobbies and Interests
My main hobby is playing tennis. I was Womens Captain at Warwick University and currently still love to play competitively and for fun. Ive just come back from coaching tennis for 8 weeks at an American sports camp! I also love to play the guitar and paint when I can find the time.

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