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English Literature

About Me
I am an enthusiastic and dedicated tutor who works creatively and methodically with students to help them achieve their goals. I draw on my teaching and tutoring experience to prepare personalised sessions and believe strongly that working collaboratively is the most effective way to help students make progress. My specialist subjects are English and English Literature, in particular for students aged 11-18 years old.

I am a fully qualified English and English Literature teacher with over 4 years experience teaching in London secondary schools. I obtained my PGCE from the Institute of Education, London. As a teacher, I have worked extensively with students with a range of educational needs including Dyslexia, ADHD, Aspergers, English as an additional language, and Gifted and Talented students. I therefore have a range of techniques and resources to ensure that each individual student meets their target.

I have mostly taught AQA exam board but am also familiar with OCR, EdExcel and The Welsh Board.

Prior to this, I worked in live TV production as a Producer for Channel 4 and have found that this experience enhances my teaching of the Media elements of GCSE and A-Level English.

I recently moved back to the UK having lived in California, where I worked as a tutor, and now have a baby daughter. I am excited to be able to work with young people again and to help them achieve their very best.

Recent Tuition

I have taught English and English Literature to Secondary school students, so am extremely familiar with KS3 (11-13yrs) and KS4 (GCSE) curriculum and exams (AQA, OCR, EdExcel and Welsh Board). My students have always made good progress and achieved well. I have taught all aspects of the 11-16 curriculum and therefore have a thorough repertoire of resources and ideas to draw on.
Alongside my classroom teaching, I have worked as a one to one tutor with 10 students who needed assistance in meeting their target level or grade. In addition, I ran GCSE exam booster sessions during the school holidays, focusing on groups of students who were on the D/C and A/A* borderlines in English and/or English Literature.
Whilst working as a tutor in America, I worked with 20 students who required help with essay structuring, responding to English Literature exam and coursework style questions and creative writing.

Hobbies and Interests
Being an English Teacher, it probably comes as no surprise that I am passionate about literature and I spend as much time as possible ensconced in a book or going to the theatre.
I am also a keen musician and love to play guitar. To keep fit, I enjoy running, playing tennis and swimming.
I am lucky to have travelled to many parts of the world, including stints living and working in both San Francisco and Honduras.

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