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English Literature
Personal Statement

About Me
I recently completed the Bar Professional Training Course at BPP in London with a 75% average (Very Competent). Prior to that I undertook a European Law (LLB) at the University of Leicester and Universita Paris Sud XI in France (where I sat all my exams in French).

I began tutoring after receiving 94% for my A-Level in English Literature (the highest in the county) and was asked by the Cambridgeshire Council to assist with reading and writing programmes. I thoroughly enjoyed helping students and seeing their progress. Since working on this programme I have continued to tutor, increasing the subjects I teach.

Recent Tuition
I have tutored since 2005 and I have taught Biology, Chemistry, Maths, English Literature, French and Sociology up to GCSE and A Level and have been very happy to achieve a 100% success rate of As and A*s with my students, with some improving from D grades.
The below is a selection of previous my tuition experience at 13+ CE Level.

Klaus - I helped him to achieve A grades across the board. He managed to secure places at both Eton and Harrow. Excelling subjects included Maths, English, Science and Geography.
Alice - also received As across the board. Excelling subjects included Maths, English, Science and Geography.
James - attended a Prep School just outside London we worked together and he managed to achieve As in all subjects with the exception of French (B) - in which he lacked confidence. Subjects I taught included Maths, English, Science and Geography.
Luke - I worked with Luke to secure him a place at Shrewsbury. He achieved all AS with the exception of two Bs in languages. Subjects I taught included Maths, English, Science and Geography.

GCSE Tuition - I have taught over a dozen English Language/Literature students all achieving A*s/As at GCSE/ IGCSE and A-Level.
I would say my biggest feat was teaching Luke for IGCSE. Luke felt poetry was for girls and because of his lack of engagement he was doing very poorly on poetry questions. I worked with Luke (who is home educated, so I had full responsibility for his IGCSE) for 6 months and he became increasingly confident with poetry and even bought a poetry book of his own accord. It was brilliant to see him engage and do so well, his A* was the cherry on the cake as his confidence was boosted throughout the process to the extent that he looked forward to the exam!

Student S - A-level French at Francis Holland. Achieved an A grade.
Student K - AS level French at City of London school. Achieved an A grade.
Student H - A-level French at Kings School. Achieved an A grade.
Student S - A-level Biology at Francis Holland. Achieved an A grade.
Student N - AS level Biology at St Pauls School (lessons via Skype) achieved an A grade.
Student D - AS level Biology at Corelli Sixth Form College. Achieved an A grade.
Student Z - AS level Biology at a distance learning college (owing to illness, she studied from home). Achieved an A grade.
Students A and B (siblings) - A-level and AS level Biology at Wimbledon College. Both achieved As.
Student T - A-level Biology B grade I assisted him in the very final run up to the exams as a last minute assistance provider. He had been in schedule for a C/D grade.

I have taught towards 7+ and 11+ Entrance Exams. I have successfully prepared students for school entrance exams and particularly enjoy working with younger students and encouraging their confidence within an academic environment. The schools I have helped children gain entry to include City of London, Eton, Francis Holland, Harrow, Highgate, Latymer and UCS.

Finally, I tutor Law modules up to post-degree level (GDL or BPTC) and gain a great deal of satisfaction from explaining legal concepts and case impact with older students. I have assisted students with exam technique and how to maximise potential essay marks, receiving consistent feedback for my efforts.

Hobbies and Interests
I adore travelling (and have lived in 3 continents) as I enjoy seeing different cultures.
I am also passionate about human rights and attend conferences where key speakers highlight how the voice for global peace can become louder.
I read a lot and enjoy books I can lose myself in. At the moment I am a big fan of Jodi Picoult, Ann Patchett and Khaled Hosseini.

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