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History of Art

About Me
My specialist subjects are History of Art and French.
I believe my success as a tutor is a combination of interactive learning and a rigorous but tailored programme agreed by both the student and me. Ascertaining the students interests, strengths and weaknesses, we work out an engaging programme to improve the students knowledge and skills of the subject.
For History of Art students, having received training in the museum context, I encourage learning first-hand from the objects and with London at our doorstep, there is something for even the most niche Art History courses!
For French students, I hope to share my passion for all things French, be it the language, food, film or literature further to my year spent in Paris.
Further to my BA (Hons) in French and History of Art at University College London (2003-07), I have recently completed my Masters in History of Art and Visual Culture at Oxford University.
Passionate about my subjects, I have always enjoyed sharing my enthusiasm and have found tutoring to be a rewarding and enriching experience.

Recent Tuition
History of Art:

Celina, London: tutoring a dyslexic student for her AS-Level, specifically looking at exam technique and art historical skills such as visual analysis. She started the year getting 5/30 in her essays and is currently getting around 20/30 and I am confident that we can improve this further before her exams. Furthermore, since working with me, she has decided that she would very much like to pursue History of Art at University so I think my enthusiasm must have rubbed off slightly! (October 2012- ongoing)
Joanna, London: tutoring a dyslexic student for her AS-level and offering advice on UCAS applications. Success in her AS year resulted in the student contacting me the following year for a two-month intensive tuition for her A-Level Art History (April - May 2012)
Sarah, London: assisting a Sothebys Masters student on the research and structuring of an extended essay. (September 2008)


Caspar, London: tutoring this 10 year old dyslexic and dyspraxic boy, using fun techniques to catch-up on missed classes at school, December 2012 - January2013.
Will, London: intensive tuition during the holidays for this 15 year old to prepare him for the IGCSE, Edexcel exam board, October - December 2012
James, London: preparing an 11 year old boy for Westminster Common Entrance, March - April 2010
Amber, London: one-off mock oral exam tuition for GCSE French student, May 2009
Eleanor, London: tutoring an AS-level student for her exam, with a particular focus on spoken French, March - April 2009
Clementine, London: tutoring a dyslexic GCSE student, went from a predicted C to an A, December 2008 - July 2009

English-French / French-English Translation:

French subtitles provided for ecological documentary, Plastic Shores, October 2012
2 French essays translated into English for contemporary artist, February 2011
Extract of Jean Genets Le Funambule translated into English for Contemporary Gallery, June 2010

English Language:

Angela Marta, Venice: conversation classes with 4 and 6 year old girls, September 2012
Sabine, Paris: tutoring an 8 year old girl with a particular focus on spoken English, February - May 2005
Chloe, Paris: tutoring an 8 year old girl, using engaging techniques to learn vocabulary, January - May 2005

11+ Preparation:

Ana, London: preparing this 10 year old Spanish girl for her 11+ in both English Comprehension and Maths. I taught Ana 4 times a week over a course of two months in anticipation of exams and interviews at Portland Place, More House, Queens Gate and Francis Holland, working specifically to improve her vocabulary in English (as this was not her mother tongue) as well as specific exam techniques and preparing her for interviews. November 2012 - January 2013

Hobbies and Interests
I am passionate about literature, world cinema and particularly the visual arts as a frequent visitor to public museum and commercial gallery exhibitions. I am also a keen traveller, relishing any opportunity to employ or develop my language skills. I enjoy keeping active by cycling and running and regularly participate in 10km runs and half marathons.

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