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About Me
My specialist subjects are Computer Studies and Maths. I also teach Electrical and Electronics Engineering related topics at undergraduate and master levels. I am always friendly to my students and try to build an informal relationship, so they will co-operate with me and not be shy to ask me if they dont understand a question or topic. Students have told me that I am a good lecturer and often ask for guidance in other subject areas. I have been told that my teaching style makes me more approachable than the main lecturer.

Since I was an under-graduate student, I have always enjoyed teaching. I used to explain lectures to my colleagues and try to simplify materials by giving real life examples, which makes subjects more understandable. I am still using this method now.

I am currently completing a PhD in Photonics at City University, which is where I also studied for my MSc in Telecommunications and Networks (Distinction). Prior to moving to London I was educated in Tipoli, Libya which is where I completed my BSc in Computer Engineering (68%). For my BSc project I designed and implemented a vehicle tracking system. The software was programmed in Visual Basic 6, including MSCOMM, Oxygen Mobile and GMS Moving Map components.

Between completing my undergraduate degree and embarking on my MSc, I worked for a year and a half (Jan 2005-June 2006) as an IT assistant, web designer and programmer.

Recent Tuition

The majority of my teaching experience is at undergraduate level, although I have also taught Science and Maths to A level (equivalent).
I am currently a Teaching Assistant (part-time) at City University, which is a role Ive held since September 2011. I teach tutorials and labs at undergraduate and masters levels in the following areas: JAVA, Maths for Computing, Object Oriented Programming, Internet Engineering, Computer Networks Systems, Embedded Realtime Systems, and Multiservice Communications Networks. I teach at the School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences and the School of Informatics at City University London which has broadened my experience with different students. I also co-supervise students in their final year and masters projects
give them guidance, teach them research methods, help them to understand how to run software and get results, give advice on their thesis and how to correctly reference their work.
One of my students was not interested in JAVA labs and only attended class to sign her name. I started to encourage her to participate and finish the work assigned to her. This student began to to ask more questions in class and went on to gain a good mark - I was pleased when she contacted me to share her results and thank me for the help.
I have also taught students at primary and secondary school levels in Libya. I have taught a wide range of students with different backgrounds and capabilities. All of the above has improved my teaching skills and given me the confidence to adapt to different students learning styles.

Hobbies and Interests
I am interested in several technology fields -web design, programming and networks. In my spare time I also like pursuing my interest in science, watching films and playing football.

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