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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subject is English. I enjoy all forms in this subject, including: reading, writing, poetry, story telling.
I bring patience, sensitivity and awareness to my work with children. I enjoy facilitating learning that is fun, playful and imaginative. I can work well with children who are lacking confidence.

I support children to engage authentically and reflectively with their learning. I encourage an open and honest dialogue about the parts that the child may find tricky/boring and I invite the child to join me in thinking about how we can find other more positive approaches to making those parts easier/more interesting. I like to involve the child in creating solutions and finding new ways of learning that feel right for them.

I aim to help the child to develop a positive perception of themselves as a learner/investigator. I create an atmosphere of permission to make mistakes. I hope to open the childs awareness to the great learning opportunities that can come out of the attitude of simply having a go. Often I find that easing the pressure to produce a perfect outcome can remove a big block to the freedom in enjoying the process of learning. Through manageable goals and tasks, I aim to help the child to enjoy their feelings of achievement and satisfaction, which can motivate and inspire further engagement.

I believe in fostering a childs confidence to speak about their thoughts and ideas and as they mature, to be able to listen to and respond authentically to the opinions of others. I feel that this is so important in developing an individuals approach to learning and informing their experience throughout life. Curiosity and confidence in self-expression can be the fundamental building blocks for a healthy and fulfilling engagement with opportunities in life-long development and learning.

I am in my second year of training at IATE in Islington to become a BACP accredited Child Counsellor. I will qualify as a Child Counsellor in 2016.
November 2013-February 2014: I completed the introductory level course in Child Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counselling at Cambridge University.
October 2012-June 2013: I completed the one-year Diploma course in The Therapeutic Educational Application of the Arts, at the Institute for Art in Therapy and Education (IATE).
2009: I was awarded a 2:1 BA Degree in English Literature History of Art, from Leeds University.
2005, Downe House School, Berkshire: A-Levels in: English Literature (A), History of Art (A), Art (A), General Studies (A)
2004, Downe House School: AS-Level French (A)
2003, Downe House School: GCSEs in: English Literature (A), English Language (A), Maths (B), Science (A*), Science (A*), French (A*), History (A), Art (A), IT (A)

Recent Tuition

September 2014 - February 2015: I worked in the Nursery School department of the Primary school that I had been based in the previous academic year. I worked to establish a safe, nurturing, consistent atmosphere and environment for the children, which was aimed to support each childs learning at their individual stage of development. I worked with the values of looking after ourselves, each other and the environment.
Academic Year 2013 - 2014: My role was split between working as a Teaching Assistant in Year 3 and working individually with a boy in Year 2 who had complex learning needs. I supported lessons in Literacy, Numeracy, Phonics and Guided Reading lessons. I worked with small groups in the classroom, as well as delivering separate lessons of differentiated learning to the lower and higher ability intervention groups.
November 2012 - July 2013: I tutored a Year 1 girl for two hours each week. The lessons focussed on her English reading and writing skills, slowly developing longer periods of concentration and a more positive approach to her learning. I broke the lessons into different sections/activities, including time for quick break games in between reading and writing exercises.
Academic year 2012 - 2013: Through my role as a Learning Support Assistant in a faith school, I worked with a Year 3 boy with complex learning needs, who was on the autistic spectrum. I assisted him with the curriculum, his Speech Reading Feelings, to develop childrens social and emotional communication. I assisted the delivery of a Speech Narrative Group for eight children, designed to improve communication skills.
As part of my work with Kids Co from August 2009-August 2012, I taught cookery to small groups of children at a Primary school in Clapham. Cooking Club was designed to introduce children to basic cookery skills through a creative and relational space. The sessions aimed to improve the childrens nutritional awareness, communication and work as a team, as well as introducing them to practical cooking skills. I worked with children in a more general capacity on the Kids Co centre Fun Days. These days provided a chance for children to play together and experience activities that they may not usually have access to. I was required to lead play, ensure safety and fairness, have high levels of energy and generally facilitate fun!

Hobbies and Interests
I am an artist and I love creating things: painting, drawing, cooking and anything that I can design or decorate. In the last two years I have exhibited my paintings and ink drawings at the summer exhibitions on the Isle of Wight. I love swimming, yoga and meditation. I like spending time outside. I enjoy reading and writing, learning and curiosity. I am passionate about health - mental, physical and the links that can exist between them.

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