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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English (Literature and Language) and Italian. I also teach Drama / Theatre Studies, and offer tuition in essay writing technique and study skills.
As a tutor I am patient, organised, and driven. I adapt my lessons to each students learning style and motivations, using original and relevant resources. I listen carefully to my students, assess their needs, and identify areas that require particular attention. Together with the student I plan short term and long term goals that build towards improving results, whilst encouraging the student to grow in confidence and enthusiasm for the subject.
I graduated with First Class Honours in English from Queen Mary, University of London in 2011, and received the Westfield Trust Prize for outstanding academic achievement. I attended Parkstone Grammar School in Dorset from 2000-2006, and have A-Levels in English Literature, Italian and Theatre Studies.
I am passionate about my subjects and about learning new things, and I want to pass on this enthusiasm and curiosity to my students.

Recent Tuition

ITALIAN - As an Italian tutor, I have delivered classes to students of various age groups, levels, and group sizes, developing original materials to make the language relevant and engaging. I have taught beginner level, intermediate, and conversational Italian.
ENGLISH - I have recently been tutoring a Year 2 pupil in English, concentrating on improving his spelling and writing, and on encouraging an interest in reading.
EAL - I am currently working with a young adult who is looking to improve his English for use in practical and work settings. He has studied English in theory for many years and his written and reading skills are good however he has needed significant confidence boosting in his speaking and practical application of the language in a professional capacity.
ENGLISH AND MATHS - I have worked as an academic mentor for children in Year 5 and 6, preparing students for their SATs exams in English and Maths, and for the transition to secondary education. I have volunteered as a classroom assistant with a Year 3 class, offering support in particular to a boy with special needs.

Hobbies and Interests
I currently work as a researcher in factual television, as well as making short films and music videos. I have also managed events and online marketing for a poetry events charity.
I am passionate about the arts, and in my spare time I play music and perform with a band. I enjoy keeping fit, and train in Chinese kickboxing. I am fluent in Italian, and regularly travel to Italy to visit family and enjoy the food.

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