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About Me
My specialist subjects are French and Spanish, and I can also help prepare for interviews, as well as interview technique and preparation for Cambridge. I enjoy being a tutor, because I feel that I gain just as much from teaching different people of different abilities and levels, as they gain from being taught. As well as helping to achieve the results that people have wanted, I also feel I have made some good friendships.

I have just graduated from Cambridge reading French and Spanish, gaining a 2:1. Before that I went to Westholme School for Girls where I studied for my GCSEs (gaining 11 A*s, one of which was Spanish a year early, and one of the top marks in the country for French), and then my A-Levels, gaining 4 As. I am now a tutor because I enjoyed tutoring whilst I was on my Year Abroad with young children, and also at home with A-Level students.

Recent Tuition

Whilst on my Year Abroad I tutored two French children aged 6 and 11. As they attended an American school, I was employed to help with their English, French, Spanish, Science and Maths studies, speaking and working in English all the time. This was to help them with their language abilities, as well as general homework, and to prepare for the end-of-year exams for the eldest child, which would let her progress into the next academic year.
I have also tutored a student in AS French and Spanish. She wanted to study these subjects as an extra to her other four subjects in school, so another tutor and I taught her between us, so that she could sit the exams. She received an A in her French, and a B in her Spanish.
I have tutored GCSE Spanish, as extra help for the exams, and the student got an A.
I have also helped an elderly gentleman, whilst on my Year Abroad, translating French poetry into English. This included helping him with English grammar, vocabulary, and speaking, which was something he had never been taught whilst at school. This all had to be conducted in French.

Hobbies and Interests
Apart from teaching, I enjoy reading literature, visiting art galleries, playing the piano and the cello, swimming and clay-pigeon shooting. I also enjoy art, and being outdoors!

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