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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subject is English Literature, from GCSE to undergraduate level.

Teaching this subject means encouraging a detailed knowledge of texts alongside inspiring a creative approach to students work. This difficult task is best achieved by overcoming the two key problems literature poses: its prestige and the unfamiliarity of its language.If its so great, why dont I think so? Either I must be stupid or my teacher is a fraud. (This is particularly true of the compulsory Shakespeare element to GCSEs and A-Levels). I bring a lot of patience, learning and the memory of my own learning-curve to help students take a new attitude to literature, one which is not precious about poetry but which knows reading and writing can be enjoyed if understood. To help my students achieve that understanding is my job as a tutor.

I can also help with Cambridge applications.

My degree is in English from the University of Cambridge. I attended state-school and VIth-Form college in Brighton and Hove, then took a gap-year to see Europe. I graduated in June, and I have just finished working as a teaching-assistant for foreign students learning English over the summer. I have discovered I enjoy teaching and would like to take my skills to the next level with private tutoring.

Recent Tuition
I have been a classroom-assistant helping to teach English to Japanese students aged 14 to 17. Their level of English to begin with was very high, and my aim was to improve their confidence and the way they used the language in British culture. Much of the teaching was in medium-sized classes, with more time spent with individual students according to their abilities. My results are anecdotal, of the kind that children who would not look you in the eye for the first few days could confidently negotiate cafes and restaurants by the end of the course, as well as being able to tell you the difference between phrases like when I was in London and when I am in London, previously used interchangeably.

Hobbies and Interests
I like cycling, music, running, calligraphy, theatre, books and London.

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