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About Me
My specialist subject is History, which I have adored from a young age, and been lucky enough to pursue to a high academic level. My personal historical interests are modern topics, particularly Soviet Russia and 20th Century America. However, I have researched a variety of periods and always relish the opportunity to explore new areas with enthusiastic students.

I have also always been a passionate reader and come from a family with extensive experience teaching and studying English Literature. I studied the subject to A Level, and have been reading with younger siblings and family friends all my life.

I also have more general interests in mathematics, ICT and the sciences. Subjects which I have always found interesting and have spent time teaching to younger students who have previously found these areas difficult.

I also have experience in verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests, which I had to complete in order to gain a place at secondary school.

I am a recent Oxford University graduate with a 2.1 in modern history from Merton College. Before Oxford I went to Newstead Wood School, a grammar school in Orpington, Kent. Between school and university I took a year out to work in London, and to travel independently. I visited Africa, Asia, Australia and North America.

I have always enjoyed teaching, and being an older sibling have always had the opportunity to help with homework. During secondary school I took on various roles which provided the opportunity to tutor students one-on-one and in small groups. During my year travelling I also spent time working in a Kenyan primary school, where I taught English to classes of up to forty-seven children.

Recent Tuition
I have taught English, Maths, PE and creative arts to children aged 4-17 in a Kenyan primary school. This teaching required careful planning and organisation, given the large class sizes and complete absence of resources. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this work, and feel confident that the children in my care made noticeable progress during my stay.

I have led short-term projects in history with gifted and talented year 6 students. We worked for a week on the English Civil War, and the students produced written work as well as an oral presentation for their class.

I have tutored in maths up to GCSE level, with my student gaining an A after being predicted a B and receiving a C in their mock-exams.

I also currently read with local primary school children once a week, helping the weakest readers in the class and also pushing particularly able children to try harder books.

Hobbies and Interests
During my time at University I became involved with my college Boat club and took up rowing. I hugely enjoyed the sport, and began coxing and coaching as well as rowing myself. My crew managed to gain a place in the womens first division of the university competition, and also entered the Henley Womens Regatta.
I am also a keen cook, and spend most evenings preparing exciting meals from an extensive cookery book collection.

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