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Further Maths

About Me
My specialist subjects are Physics and Mathematics, as well as Oxford admissions for both. I also teach Further Mathematics and Mechanics modules from the maths curriculum.

My enthusiasm for Physics and problem solving and ability to break down difficult concepts into their basic ideas make me a good tutor. My experience in both applying and tutoring Physics makes me a patient and understanding tutor.

I graduated from Oxford University in 2011 with a degree in Physics. I did my A-levels and GCSEs at a private school in Dubai before moving to the UK for university.

I am currently studying for a PhD at Imperial College and tutor privately to share my enthusiasm for Physics and mathematical problem solving.

Recent Tuition

I currently teach physics undergraduate students as part of my PhD course. I have also previously run study classes for A-level students and tutored GCSE students as part of a scheme run by my school.
I have previously tutored Oxford physics applicants and at Oxford I was a student interview helper for admissions to Merton College. This involved showing students around the college, talking to them about what to expect from the interview process and how best to relax and enjoy their interviews. As a result I have an excellent knowledge of the Oxford interview process.
I returned to my school to run an Oxbridge applicants Mathematics/Physics workshop as part of a university outreach program.

Hobbies and Interests
In addition to tutoring and my studies, I enjoy playing football and squash. I also enjoy cycling and gaming.

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