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About Me
My specialist subjects are English, Elocution and Voice Coaching, Drama Theatre Studies, History.
I also teach Music, Religious Studies and Art.
I have worked with children and adult learners in a number of different situations, from leading workshops, one on one tuition, ushering and entertaining. I am enthusiastic about the many different ways that there are to learn and teach.
I feel each individual student needs someone to work with them creatively, responding to their needs and encouraging an engaging environment. I learned a lot from leading script-writing workshops with young carers and finding different routes into teaching, working with a creative learning program trained me to be able to work with a range of students.
My background in Music, Art and History feeds into a fully rounded academic and creative/practical overview. Having an English Literature degree and a training from the Oxford School of Drama I am fully open to finding ways to spark interest in creative subjects and see how they link into one and other, in a friendly manner and with passion for the subjects.
I graduated from The Oxford School of Drama, Post Graduate degree training in Acting in 2011. In 2008 I graduated from the University of Sussex, gaining a 2:1 BA in English Literature. Previous to high education I studied at Queens College and achieved A-Level results of AAB in English Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies and Music.
In between my two degrees I worked with young people, developing their knowledge of literature and theatre, I found it incredibly stimulating and satisfying work and would like to put my expert training to and academic interest of Literature to use, in helping others learn.

Recent Tuition
GCSE English Literature and History:

Fiona has certain difficulties and has needed specialist help with these subjects, taking them to a higher level whilst keeping her engaged on an emotional level.

GCSE English Literature and Language, History and Music:

Francesca has been absent from school over the past year and I was brought in to get her back on track in order to pass her GCSEs and get back into school for AS Level. This has included focused mentoring and covering of the syllabus for all subjects whilst encouraging an engagement with group learning. She is on track to return to school in September.

AS Level English Literature:

Working with Nina on her English coursework with AQA exam board and exam essay technique. We have been specifically focusing on how to structure essays and language analysis.

Audition coaching:

I tutored an A-level student in audition techniques for drama school, including research into texts both Shakespearean and modern and understanding of breaking down the text and preparation needed. The student attained recalls at several top drama schools, from Royal Welsh to Guildhall

GCSE English Literature Language and Religious Studies:

Working with Bella who has left school and has mild dyslexia to complete her GCSEs. We have been working on essay writing, language analysis, creative writing, writing techniques, genre and poetry and in RS covering her AQA syllabus.

GCSE English Literature:

I have taught English literature at GCSE level and singing to 15 year old Natalie, working through poetry set on her syllabus, looking at how to break it down and analyse the language, forming personal responses to it and relating it to a wider knowledge and understanding of literature. I helped her to foster a deeper interest in the world of literature as a whole. With singing I used my voice training to strengthen hers and work on particular songs, focusing on delivery of the story and strength.

English Literature, Year 7:

I tutored for a year 7 student in English literature, breaking down texts and analysing them, fostering an interest in fiction and different styles and how to summarise. Student gained a deeper knowledge and engagement with literature and achieved A grade at summer exams.

Primary Maths and Drama:

I have taught maths to 6 year old Ariana and Drama to her and her younger sisters. For maths we worked through a range of worksheets to understand fractions, more complex multiplication and division, I used card games and shop games for more practical maths exercises. In drama we worked on an abridged version of a Midsummer Nights Dream I tailored especially for them, letting them explore soundscapes, animal studies, how to create an atmosphere and different characters. They were incredibly enthusiastic and worked really hard with very difficult language.


I am currently teaching piano to 5 year old Vera, taking her through the basics of musical theory, games drawing clefs and finding notes on staves, and practical rhythm and tonal guessing games to accustom her musical ear. I use Monkey Puzzle theory books to work through, and bring a selection of easy tunes and duets to get started on. I also find it useful to encourage composition as it engages the learner.

Creative Writing:

I led script writing workshops for a group of young carers in Camden aged between 10-14, over six weeks to gain understanding of structure and using imagination to create and foster their interest in literature and drama.

Literacy and Numeracy:

I am currently teaching Tamako: (3 years old) Literacy and Numeracy alongside art and drama. Focusing on alphabet, story composing, phonics, counting and arts and crafts, I am helping keep Tamakos skills up over the summer holidays. I also tutor David and Saskia: (4 and 6 years old) reading, creative writing, arts and crafts, drama.

Hobbies and Interests
I have had a passion for literature and drama (both theatrical and cinematic) from a young age. I act and write but also am interested in set-design, putting my Art training in Florence and clothes-making skills into practice.
I have worked in editing and book illustration and enjoy learning new instruments, I am grade 7 piano and am about to embark on learning the harp. I enjoy travel, and drove around much of Europe and organised group outings, I also gained basic Italian whilst living in Florence. I have recently returned from a 4 month trip to South America where I picked up some basic Spanish and Portugese.

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