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My specialist subjects are Economics (A-level, IB and University - select modules) and Maths. I also teach Science (up to GCSE), Biology (up to A-Level), Business Studies and RS to GCSE Level. I also have a keen interest in tutoring in 7, 11+ and 13+ examinations and providing assistance to A-Level students with UCAS and interviews for University and summer internships.

I assess each of my students, establishing their strengths, weaknesses and gaps in their knowledge, and then develop a tailor-made curriculum for them to ensure they have a total grasp of their school syllabus. As well as assisting students in developing a passion for their respective subjects (by encouraging discussion and debate), I concentrate on ensuring students are familiar with exam papers, answer schemes and methods in which to answer questions.
In all my dealings with students, I try to supplement tutoring with mentoring and career advice. This is particularly so with A-Level and university students. At a time where experience is crucial in attaining the most competitive jobs, students must be well prepared in tackling application forms and interviews. My passion and expertise in this area enable me to effectively assist students in getting through this in a comfortable and timely manner.

I graduated in BSc Economics from Queen Mary, University of London in 2012. On completion of my A-levels, I decided to undertake a GAP scheme with KPMG in the City. This truly invaluable experience enabled me to gain an early insight into the professional world and form networks and contacts that I continue to keep in touch with today. Furthermore I was fortunate enough to secure various internships during my university years, the sum of which has led me to be an effective mentor and advisor to many students today. I also spent time tutoring at George Greens School and Brooke House 6th form College during my first year at university and quickly realised that I have a talent for teaching and tutoring as well as motivating students to overcome challenges in learning and academia.

Recent Tuition
I have a wealth of experience in tutoring students of different ages and helping them get through their respective exams, application forms and interviews for schools, universities, internships and graduate jobs. Examples include tutoring 4 AS-Level Economics students from Brooke House 6th form college (Hackney, London), GCSE students from George Greens school in Island Gardens (London) and tutoring A-Level Economics and most recently have most teaching an IB student Maths, Biology and Economics on a residential basis at their home in Paris.

Leila: 11+ Watford Grammar School for Girls - Maths Verbal reasoning. Successful entry to Watford Girls
Kunal: 13+ Haberdashers Askes Boys-School. Prepared Krishna for these exams, covering Maths, Science, English Humanities
James: 13+ Aldenham Boys School. Prepared James in Maths Sciences and English entrance exams. Successful entry attained.
Talia: IB Mathematics and Economics - Boarding school pupil who needed intensive support before her IB.
Lonccia: IB Mathematics - Originally Australian, moved to UK. Tutored her in IB Maths whilst she got used to life in the UK.
Hannah: Skype based support in IB Mathematics and Economics.
George Greens School: Taught and tutored a class of GCSE pupils in Maths English. Assisted with GCSE coursework, provided guidance and advice in choosing A-Level subjects and built up a successful mentor/mentee relationship with several students.
Brooke House 6th Form College: Tutored a group of 4 AS Level students in Edexcel Economics - Units 1 s in both modules, One achieved A* and one achieved a B. All 4 students were previously being predicted C D grades.
Abisoye: Tutored Abisoye for her Maths A-Level retakes in C3 and C4. Achieved A grades in both. Previously obtained a B and C grade in C3 and C4
Will: A-Level Biology - AQA - Units 2 3. Achieved A, A*. Predicted B, C and side-lined by school due to lack of motivation. I ensured Will had the necessary confidence to tackle his examinations and fully tutored him to excel in his examinations, which he did.
Charlie: A-Level Maths - Edexcel - C4. Currently tutoring Charlie in C4 Maths - subsequently predicted to achieve A*
Ally: Provided guidance and assistance to Ally as to which A-Level Biology modules she should re-sit in order to achieve her grade requirements. Subsequently tutored her in Biology re-sit examinations
Theresa: Tutored in AS A-Level Economics, called back to tutor her again over Easter 2013 for summer examinations due to the significant impact I had on her Economics mock performances over after the half term holidays.
Alex: Tutored in AS and A Level Economics AQA, focusing mostly on exam technique in preparation for January exams on Unit 1 and 2.
Ben: Tutoring twice a week in Maths and Economics, Knightsbridge.

Familiar with all major exam boards for subjects outlined above. In Economics, this includes Edexcel, OCR and AQA and the IB (SL and HL).

Hobbies and Interests
As a person, I would say that I am highly ambitious and tend to set myself goals and challenges in most aspects of life. Education and career are particularly important to me and play a large role in my day-to-day life. Friends and family also take central stage.
Im also a keen sportsman regularly playing tennis, table tennis and badminton at a high level. I have a passion for travelling and tend to explore a new country on a yearly basis for 3-4 weeks at a time. Adjacent to this, I have a keen interest in charity and philanthropy and have volunteered in various parts of the world including East Africa. My goal going forward is to develop this further and commit more time towards such endeavors.

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