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About Me
My specialist subjects are Biology and Maths. I am able to teach children from as young as 4 years old till A-level. I enjoy all the subjects I teach and aim to instil in my students a real enthusiasm for the subject.

I gained one of the top 5 marks in the country for GCSE Maths and full marks in several of the written papers at A-Level. I therefore feel that I have great exam techniques that I pass on to my students. This goes hand in hand with knowledge for exam success.

I have experience in helping students gain entry to study Medicine at some of the top universities in the UK. I am able to help throughout the whole process from gaining work experience to sitting the UKCAT, preparing your UCAS application to finally preparing for your interview.

In June 2013 I attained a 2:1 (Hons) in Oral and Craniofacial Biology at Kings College London. I have already completed three years of Medicine, also at Kings, which I will complete in June 2015. My secondary school education was spent at Oathall Community College in Sussex. I really enjoy tutoring, particularly on a one to one basis as this enables me to focus on the particular needs of the student and help them progress and grow in confidence.

Recent Tuition

Freya (Pre-GCSE): One hour weekly session alternating between Maths and Science, bridging the gap between year 9 and GCSE.
Tara (Year 10): two hours weekly session for Maths (OCR) and another two hours weekly for Science (AQA Double Award), for a total of four weeks over the summer holiday.
Ramiz (Age 18): 9, two hour session covering topics in A-level Maths (Edexcel) and Biology (AQA).
Lara (Age 7): One hour weekly session for 4 weeks, covering long division and long multiplication in aid of school work.
Krishan (Age 15): Two, one hour sessions, covering surds.
Gofran (A-Level): One hour weekly maths sessions for 1 month. Going through past exam papers for C2 Maths A-Level exam, OCR. Gofran gained a grade B.
Sam (A-Level): Two, three hour sessions. Covering binomial expansions and integration for C2 Maths A-Level exam, OCR. Sam gained a grade A.
Sophie (A-Level): Two, three hour sessions. Covering the cell cycle and DNA for Salters-Nuffield Advanced Biology exam. Sophie gained a grade A.
Juliet (Undergraduate Medicine): Two sessions, 10 hours in total. Practised clinical history taking and physical examination for neurology, ophthalmology, cardiology, respiratory medicine, and ENT (Ear, nose and throat). All the topics covered were for preparation of third year medical school OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). Juliet passed the exam.
Year one Medical students: Three, two hour sessions. I taught a group of 20 first year medical students at Kings College London as part of the KCL Cardiology Society. I covered the cardiovascular and respiratory system.
Three prospective Medical students: I held individual mock interviews for A-level students that had applied to study Medicine. Two students gained entry.
5-19 year old children with special needs: One to one time spent playing games such as role play, board games and a wide range of sports activities.

Hobbies and Interests
I love to learn modern languages, and continue to take classes at university, outside of the core teaching, in both French and Spanish. I enjoy spending my free time going to theatre productions and intellectual talks.

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