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About Me
I tutored for a number of years, while at University and afterwards, before training to become a teacher (at UCL). I taught at Blythe Hall School in 2011 and worked as a home schooling tutor in 2012 and 2013 alongside my part-time PGCE studies and school placements. I am now an NQT working at Eton House School in Clapham as a Reception Teacher. I mostly tutor children towards entrance exams including the 7+ and 11+ but also offer regular after school support to Prep school students of all ages and abilities.
I went to school at St Marys Ascot. I enjoyed the boarding element and felt that this school provided an excellent, all rounded, learning environment. I then went to Edinburgh University where I studied History of Art and achieved a 2.1. I am currently completing my Primary PGCE at the Institute of Education. I started tutoring while at University and then have continued to do so while doing my teacher training. I took a year out of University last year to work as a full time tutor at Blythe Hall School. I found this extremely beneficial to my teaching experience and enjoyed the year tremendously.

Recent Tuition
Below is a snapshot of my recent tutoring experience:

Tessa (age 8): English and Maths. I have been helping Tessa with these two subjects as she struggles with dyslexia. She has made huge progress and has grown in confidence.
Oliver (age 8): Maths. I helped Oliver over the period of an academic year in order to help him gain entrance into Hill House, where he is now at school.
William (11): English, Maths, Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning. I am currently tutoring William for his Harrow pre school test in October.
Chiara (12): English and Maths. I tutored Chiara in order to help her gain entrance into Downe House School. She was successful in her exam and also scored particularly highly in her Maths paper, which had previously been her weakness.
Izzy (14): All subjects. I tutored Izzy for a year in order to help her with her homework and increase her organisational skills. She is an intelligent student but needed someone to help inspire her in her learning and push her to achieve what she is capable of.
Sam (14): Science IB. I taught Sam the full IB syllabus in all three Sciences for a year.
Mia (16): English and Biology. I tutored Mia for her Biology GCSE and managed to help her achieve the top grade. I continue to tutor Mia in English focusing on creative writing and grammar.
Will (16): Biology and Physics iGSCE. I taught Will the entire syllabus for these two GCSEs. He grew in confidence within these subjects and achieved a high B grade in both his mocks. Will suffers from ADHD and dyslexia.

Hobbies and Interests
I am hugely interested in art, particularly art produced in the immediate post-war period. I enjoy visiting galleries and going to seminars. I am also a keen tennis player and enjoy swimming. My favourite way to relax is to read, especially when lying on the beach!

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