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About Me
I am a Cambridge-educated tutor specialising in arts and humanities subjects. I teach a wide range of students, from children to adult learners. I specialise in English and writing skills, which are vital for students of all subjects, and Politics and Psychology A Levels. I believe my background in Psychology gives me the extra edge across all of my teaching. My tutoring style is friendly, engaging, and motivating - all my pupils are encouraged to be confident, love learning, follow their instincts and surpass their expectations.

I am an experienced, conscientious and dedicated tutor who listens to students specific needs, understands individual learning styles and responds accordingly. Learning is a process that should be engaging, exciting, challenging and motivating, and this is how I aim to design my lessons. I believe that my Psychology background gives me an extra edge in teaching. I know from experience that with the right motivation and resources, anything can be achieved.

Indeed, many of my A Level and GCSE students have achieved highly marked As and A*s, regardless of their starting points, and my university students achieve similarly impressive marks. The key to their success is that I motivated them to study, and love studying.

I have experience home-schooling students. I also offer additional tutoring for students who attend school, and I enjoy teaching intensive holiday revision courses.

I have years of experience, prior to teaching, of working with young people in diverse capacities: as a private swimming teacher with babies and young children, as President of my college Student Union, and as an elected Member of the UK Youth Parliament, amongst various other roles. I am truly passionate about working with young people and inspiring them to reach their potential.

Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2014-2015: MMus, Music
University of Cambridge, 2009-2012: Double First class BA Hons., Politics, Psychology and Sociology (With a strong background in Politics, I chose the challenge of new disciplines and focused on Sociology and Psychology in my second year, and Psychology in my final year)
Brighton, Hove A-grade A-Levels in History, English Literature, French and Politics (I am a passionate linguist and have GCSEs in French, German and Spanish.)

Recent Tuition
Selection of clients:
School teaching

Millfield School: I teach intensive AQA Psychology Easter Revision courses at Millfield School. Several revision course students came back to me for private tuition leading up to the summer exams.
Westminster School: I lead Oxbridge preparation courses at Westminster School, focusing on Anthropology (Oxford) and PPS (Cambridge) applications. My classes focus on general humanities extension learning, study and presentation skills, with some interviewing practice.
Brighton and Hove High School for Girls: I recently taught intensive Government and Politics A Level revision courses here in the Easter holiday.
City of London School for Girls: I taught the OCR Psychology Easter Revision courses here, and was requested to return to teach revision courses at other top London schools after this.

A Levels

Emily: Emily is a very bright Psychology AS student who I have home-schooled due to her ill health. I nurtured a passion for Psychology in Emily, who wishes to train as a Psychotherapist one day. Emily loves studying, but struggles with Dyslexia. I co- ordinated her learning with her school teachers, so she could return to classes with confidence when she was able.
Amara: Amara was a low-achieving student with behavioural problems, who I home- schooled for her social science A Level retakes. Amara completed her A Levels as a balanced and determined student who has now secured a university place to study Psychology.
Ilya: Ilya is a high achieving boarding student at Brighton College. I have tutored him in AS Politics and Psychology, sometimes at his London home but often via Skype, and taught private revision courses for him outside of term times. Ilya began with D and E grades, but achieved a high A grade in his summer exam.
Erene: Erene was an A Level student suffering ill mental health who left school to benefit from one-to-one home-schooling, returning only for exams. I was Erenes teacher for Psychology A2, and Government s in her final exams.
Bea: I tutored Bea in Politics and Psychology during term time, and taught an intensive holiday revision course prior to her exams. I also helped Bea to timetable her own revision and study time throughout the year. She was recently accepted into university to study Psychology, and achieved an A* in her Politics A Level.
Joe: I tutored AS Psychology to Joe, focusing on exam technique, revision strategies and course content, for his examination resit, in which he achieved a high A grade.
Phoebe and Izzy: I tutored Politics to these two friends together on weekends, and then taught them an intensive holiday revision program. They did remarkably well, jumping up from Ds and Es to both achieve As, with Phoebe achieving almost full marks in her AS Politics exam.
Ilayda: Ilayda is a student who I tutored throughout her Sociology/Business Foundation at CATS College Cambridge. With English as her second language, we worked on her communication and writing skills as well as her Sociology studies. She worked up from a B grade, and completed her course with an A*.


Yusuf and Zahida: Yusuf and Zahida are 11 year-old siblings attending top schools in London. I tutored them in English Language and Literature, and offered general tutoring to help them achieve top grades. Despite their preference for maths, I nurtured a love for literature in them, encouraging them to build an affinity with poetry and Shakespeare. We also discovered their talent for factual writing.
Mazin: Mazin is a Saudi student diagnosed with autism. With English as his second language and his autism, working on his English skills was a priority. His writing, confidence and self-discipline improved greatly, and we found he greatly enjoyed creative writing.
Gulsidal: Gulsidal is a Turkish student with special needs who I helped with GCSE revision, particularly English Language, with which she experiences great difficulty. Her significant improvement since starting her private tuition was remarked on by her school teachers and family.

University Level

I am currently tutoring undergraduates in Sociology and Psychology,A Level Psychology, A Level Politicsand GCSE English. I am also currently advising on UCAS applications (particularly personal statements) and providing mock interviews for Oxbridge applicants.

Neha: I tutored this final year student of Social Science, focusing on the supervision of her dissertation. I helped Neha to strategise her workload, structure her time, and ensure she had all the available resources and tutoring to produce her very best quality work. I taught her how to conduct an advanced statistical analysis for her research using SPSS, and how to graphically and verbally communicate it.
Michal: Michal is a Polish undergraduate in Computing and Psychology. I tutored Michal throughout his Psychology course, also helping him with his English language and writing style. He received his highest ever score of 87% in his recent coursework, and has enrolled in a course at Oxford University.
I have tutored many more undergraduates and post-graduates throughout their courses, and/or supervising dissertation projects.
I was asked by the Senior Lecturer from the Department of Sociology at Cambridge University to give a talk, answer questions and offer advice to second year undergraduates undertaking their Psychology/Sociology research projects, on the basis of my project success.
Several of my students have English as their second language, and therefore I have experience in tutoring non-native speakers to a high standard. I also have experience tutoring young people with specific learning difficulties, and an understanding of different learning styles and attention capacities.

Hobbies and Interests
I spend most of my time writing music and learning. I enjoy music, and was awarded a music bursary at Cambridge University. I love all sports, especially swimming and long distance running. enjoy running regularly.
In addition to teaching, I recently authored a book for the Centre for Investigative Journalism (2014), and am a freelance journalist (2013-15).

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