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About Me
My specialist subject is Art and I also teach English, Religious Studies and theatre.
What makes me a good Tutor is:

My patience and deep understanding to each and every individuals needs and different learning requirements.
I enjoy what I do more than anything.
I never give up on any one student and I will always push them to reach their full potential.
My lessons are creative and educational and confidence building.

My most recent degree equivalent was from Charles H Cecil Studios in Florence, Italy where I spent three and half years studying the more naturalistic and traditional ways of drawing and painting from life. The course also offered me an in-depth look into the history of the old masters and the techniques which they used.

Before Florence I was at was at Tudor Hall school in Banbury, OXON.
Relevant A-Level results: Art A, Theatre Studies B,
GCSEs: Art A*, Religious Studies A*, English Lit A, French A

Following on from that I took a year out to explored new parts of the world such as Bali and the French Alps and I spent time looking into new avenues of work such as cooking and administration. This was an extremely valuable time in my life as it offered me space to grow and time to understand what it was I wanted to do with my life.
Since moving back to London in 2010 I have been working as a professional artist and now teaching art has become my main occupation.
I chose to become a teacher because I have learned from first hand experience how the value of steady, solid and creative learning by loyal teachers will change your life and define your future.

Recent Tuition

One-to-one weekly art lessons, preparing an 11+ child for her up and coming art aptitude test in October 13. Over the past 8 months we have been looking at still life observation and other artist interpretation, using a wide range of materials. She has excelled during this time and grown hugely in confidence and skill.
One-to-one with 9 year old boy who wants to learn more about art and has a huge interest in landscapes and animals. I have been teaching him water colour and painting as well as drawing. It is wonderful seeing someone so young taking to art so openly.
One-to-one weekly art lessons, preparing 11+ student for his up and coming art aptitude test. Felix has Dislexia and struggles hugely at school. We looked at life observation and artists interpretation over the past 7 months using charcoal, paint and pastel. He is now slowing down and focusing more in his work and growing in confidence.
Chelsea Fine Art Studios: teaching art to children aged 8-18 who are serious about becoming artists. I teach the children how to observe visually and then apply this to their own creative practises which they learn to master from a very early age.
Art Box London: Working with adults and young adults with acute learning difficulties how to access doorways to their own creativity which can sometimes become very blocked. After which we help them exhibit their work and so far it has been very successful.

Hobbies and Interests
Other than teaching I continue my practice as a fine artist, where I am currently illustrating two childrens books soon to be published. I have also been showing my art in various markets and galleries across London and taking commission work. As well as art I write my own music which I occasionally like to performed live.
Exercise is a very important part and so I cycling is my mode of commuting across London and I enjoy daily walks. Nature and agriculture have also become huge interest of mine -s local farmers and growers is something very close to my heart.

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