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Ancient Greek

About Me
My specialist subject is Classics in addition to the arts subjects for Common Entrance/Scholarship preparation.

I am a good tutor because of my approach and ability to build rapport with students. I see tuition to be not only a more advanced way of learning, but also as a means of being a mentor and example to inspire others to be the best at a subject, for them to realize and release their potential.
For Latin and Greek, tutoring is focused on the construction of the ancient languages, of precision and accuracy in word formation, which adds to the overall development in learning the technical rules of Grammar and Vocabulary, which in turn make translation of works and specific set texts, and the ancient authors generally, considerably easier.

I find that it is always best to go back to the very basics of the language and build on it so that any linguistic problems are deleted so the same problems should not materialize in the future. In this way this will increase the confidence of the student to being on course to master the subject.

For Law and History, tuition comprises analysis of sources, case law and statute, problem and essay questions from the particular area required, and then pinpointing the areas of difficulty, the principles and the cases and the writing style that the examiner is looking for. This should then allow the student to grasp the fundamentals of the area in order to succeed.

My most recent degree was my LLM in Maritime Law at UCL in 2007-8. Before that I did the Graduate Diploma in Law and Bar Vocational Course between 2005-7 at the College of Law. I was called to the Bar in October 2008 and pursued a career in Law. I worked for a QC, a senior barrister, in chambers in 2009 and then went on to do legal aid work in East Africa in Summer 2010. I have been tutoring full-time since then.

*** I am an approved SLT Senior Tutor. Please note my higher hourly rate. ***

Recent Tuition
Awarded runner-up of Tutor of the Year 2012 by Fleet Tutors, I have tutored over two hundred students from a wide variety of backgrounds regularly over the past five years. I have experience of tutoring Latin and Classical Greek to Independent and State School children, undergraduate and mature students, as well as pupils aiming for Common Entrance and Oxbridge, and scholarships.

The majority of my tuition work this past year has been preparing boys for Common Entrance (7+/8+/11+/13+) and scholarships, both generally and specifically in Latin and Greek. This has included residential tuition in London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Austria and Switzerland in preparation for Eton, its pre-test and the Eton Kings scholarship. All boys I have tutored for this have successfully achieved places including one of just three double scholars for September 2013 entry, as well as two further Eton Kings Scholars and a Westminster Scholar for 2014 entry. I have assessed students for their potential tuition plans and led intensive week-long tuition courses for Common Entrance.

At 11+/pre-test:

Younes, from France, living in London, daily tuition in English and Maths from summer to Christmas 2013. Awarded places inter alia at Tonbridge, St. Thomas Battersea, Newton Prep.
Nicholas, from London, weekly all-round tuition towards Common Entrance for Eton and Westminster, currently on waiting-lists.
George, from Dorset, preparation for Eton pre-test. Waiting results.
Max, from Vienna, preparation for Eton pre-test. Awaiting results.
Dara, from Dubai,living in London,interview preparation for Westminster. Awaiting results.
Jackie, aiming for Wetherby, all-round 11+ tuition, just started.
Amy, holiday tuition with a focus on Englsh, offered a place at all the schools she applied to including Latymer, Godolphin . She was also awarded scholarships at South Hampstead and Queens College.

At 13+:

Alex, from Shanghai, a 2012 Eton Kings Scholarship candidate, summer daily tuition focused on arts subjects, especially Latin and Greek. Place secured.
Max, from Hong Kong, a 2013 Eton Kings Scholarship candidate, Easter daily tuition with focus on arts subjects. Awarded the academic and music scholarships.
Che, from Essex, a 2013 Eton CE candidate, half-term tuition with focus on Latin. Place secured.
Harry, from Surrey, a 2014 Eton Kings Scholarship candidate, half-term and Easter tuition in arts subjects,especially Latin. Awarded the scholarship.
Kian, from London, a 2014 Eton Kings Scholarship candidate, half-term revision sessions in Latin. Awarded the scholarship.
Harry from Surrey, a 2014 Eton Kings Scholarship candidate, Easter tuition in Latin and Classical Greek. Place now secured.
Constantine,from London,a 2014 Westminster Challenge candidate, tutored throughout the year in History, Geography and Latin. Place now secured.
Jack, from London, a 2014 Westminster Challenge candidate, tutored throughout year in Classical Greek. Place now secured.
Jack, from London, a 2014 Eton Kings Scholarship candidate, tutored throughout year in Classical Greek. Place now secured.
Ilyas, from London, a 2014 St Pauls Scholarship candidate, tutored throughout the year in Latin and Classical Greek. Awarded the scholarship.
Adrien, from London, a 2014 Eton CE candidate, tutored throughout year in English, Latin and Classical Greek. Place secured.
Alex, from London, a 2014 CE Eton candidate with Special Educational Needs, all-round tutor support throughout the academic year. Place secured.
Amer, from London, a 2014 CE candidate for Charterhouse, Latin tuition throughout year. Place secured.
Jock and Harry, from Switzerland aiming for Radley and Eton CE in 2015.
Hugo, from London, 11+ tuiton, aiming for Harrow in 2015.
Ismail, from London, CE tuition focused on English aiming towards St Pauls Scholarship in 2016.
Denis, a Russian Boy aiming for common entrance into Winchester College in English and Latin. This was a long-term position until he has his exams at the end of 2013. Place secured.
Alex, a Chinese boy aiming for entry to Eton via a Kings Scholarship. I tutored him in History, French, English, Latin and Classical Greek. He gained entry into Eton for September 2013.

At 7+/8+

I have successfully prepared boys for Colet Court, Westminster Under, Wetherby and Cheam and lead revision courses regularly.

At other levels:

Patrick, a boy at Winchester College taking Latin GCSE a year early. When I started tutoring him he was sitting on a C/D from his mocks and no real enthusiasm for the subject. After three months tuition he achieved his A* in his GCSE exam.
Ekaterina, a Russian girl studying Classical Civilisation and Philosophy, as part of a foundation course at UCL, to enter the UK university system. She soon received offers for Warwick and UCL.
Anna, a Russian mature law student, with assistance for resits in Criminal and Tort law. This proved difficult for her as English is not her first language. She passed her resits.
Mark, a sixth form student rejected from Oxford University, demotivated and lacking in confidence
half a year of tuition and mentoring helped him achieve straight As in A-level Latin, Classical Greek and Ancient History.
Jenny, a mature student who had not studied since schooldays, tuition for two years from beginner towards Latin GCSE. She achieved A*.
Jamie, whose aptitude in the subject at the beginning was very questionable, achieved A* at GCSE, A at AS-level, A* at A-level Latin and now to study Classics at the University of Edinburgh.
Michael, a lawyer studying Latin as a hobby, over a year and a halfs study sat Latin GCSE, achieving 100% in both language papers, 98% in the Verse literature paper, and an A*, and then A at AS level, also gaining full marks in the language paper.
I have been tutoring Law at degree level in the broad core areas such as Contract, Tort and Criminal Law. I can also assist with GDL/CPE and BPTC/Bar School preparation and modules.

Hobbies and Interests
From January 2012 to July 2013 I was a Group Leader for Big Voice London, a pro bono youth project supported by the Supreme Court.
Since 2004 I have been a leader on Church Summer Camps, with Titus Trust and with CYFA.
I enjoy playing tennis and golf, going to the gym and cinema, and I have endeavoured upon some writing. I was a competitive fencer for ten years from school through to Durham University.

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