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About Me
Im most comfortable teaching Maths and Biology to A-Level or GCSE standard, as that was something I did very well in during my degree. Im also adept at Chemistry and offering advice on careers
I have a large number of contacts within different industries and am happy to help where I can.
My experience and education is very broad. My first degree was in Natural Sciences at Cambridge, and I followed it up with an MPhil in Architecture and the Moving Image in the universitys moving image department. I then spent 10 years as a journalist, working as an arts correspondent and features writer for British newspapers.
I enjoy the mentoring aspect of teaching - it was definitely something I could have done with more of when I was growing up - and I have a passion for learning. Tutoring also gives me the flexibility to pursue what I care about, and my interests, which continue to be the arts, sciences, and of course, writing.

Recent Tuition
Ive worked as a private tutor for GCSE mathematics and physics, dropping in and out where pupils have needed my support. Ive also worked as a journalism mentor at degree level when students have needed help, particularly with their writing.

Hobbies and Interests
Im interested in writing, the media, contemporary art and photography, and contemporary literature.

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