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About Me
I teach English and Maths in preparation for 7+, 11+ and 13+ examinations. My other specialist subjects are History and Religious Studies. I also teach History of Art and Law.
I have been commended by parents of the students I tutor for my passion for the subjects I teach. In particular, I have a talent for explaining topics in a syllabus with reference to recent world events, cultural milestones and citing the appropriate historical context.
My experience of the Cambridge supervision system supports my belief that a tutor should be able to inspire his or her students to work to their strengths and to enjoy the learning beyond the classroom.
I studied my undergraduate degree in Theology at the University of Cambridge. I followed this with a graduate degree in Law. I am a former member of my colleges University Challenge-team and gained admission to the Freedom of the City of London in 2009.
When not tutoring part-time, I am usually to be found helping clients in the employment tribunal or helping parents secure educational provisions for their children from local educational authorities in the special educational needs tribunal. My legal experience is extremely varied, from researching human rights abuses by undertaking fieldwork in Pakistan to regular volunteering as an adviser for my local Citizens Advice Bureau.
Since 2008, I have enjoyed tutoring part-time as a way of maintaining my academic interests outside of law. I love the process of explaining complicated ideas to students in a simple manner and of boosting their self-esteem towards achieving even greater goals in their life.

2009-2010 - LLM (University College London)
2008-2011 - LLB (BPP Law School)
2005-2008 - MA Theology Religious Studies (University of Cambridge)

Recent Tuition

Home-schooling - 1 month of intensive home tutoring for three siblings, aged between 5 and 8 prior to returning to their home country. By the end of the month all had made significant progress in mathematics and literacy, which was commended by their school.
AS History of Art (AQA) - AS level tuition on a weekly basis for a 17 year old whose parents ran an Art gallery. She had a genuine intertest and enthusiasm for the subject but was having difficulty remembering dates and structuring her work. We spent a lot of time on essay structure, memorising facts and dates and exam technique.
A2 History - Mark - Intensive A2 Level tuition required to focus on essay technique very close to his exams. Student studying science-based A Level subjects achieved the necessary A-Grade he required to fulfil a conditional university place at the LSE
AS Religious Studies - Jacob - 20 hours of tuition provided for a student with special educational needs who had struggled with understanding the subject throughout the academic year. Turned a D-Grade in his mock examinations into a B-Grade at the final examination
Year 8 (13+ level) Chemistry, Biology and Geography - Intense tuition with A prior to her end of year exams at Francis Hollond. I am supporting A with reinforcing the basics and revision.
St Pauls Scholarship - 7 months of tuition with Charlie who was taking the St Pauls scholarship. My focus with this student was History and essay technique, with particular attention to thinking critically and structuring answers.
CE - Two week residential in Washington DC
13 + CE/SCB - I helped this student with Science and Geography - we are eagerly expecting the results!
13 + - I helped this student with English and Mathematics. She achieved acceptance to Sevenoaks.
11+ - Hannah - Year 5 pupil at a state school aiming for a place at a competitive GDST school. I was able to identify improvements she could make to draw inferences from texts, structure her creative writing and to build her confidence towards interview before she obtained a place at her preferred school.
11+ - George - Providing intensive summer tuition to a Year 5 student facing September entrance examinations for locally-based grammar schools. My focus with this student has been towards working through as many practice papers as possible to ensure that he writes fluidly and concisely under exam conditions.
11+ - Reuben - Supporting a high-achieving Year 5 student towards pre-tests at Eton College and St Pauls School. I have helped this particular student to be able to tackle English and Mathematics practice papers at a step above the syllabus at his present preparatory school.
11+ - Kiran - Provided long-term tuition over the academic year to a Year 5 student at a leading London preparatory school covering Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English. In addition, I supported preparation for his end-of-year school examinations in Geography, Religious Studies, Latin and Science to obtain final marks above the average for his year group.
7+ - Naomi - Presently working with a Year 2 student whose first language is Russian. Weekly English language tuition over the past academic year has helped her to improve her vocabulary, sentence structure, spelling and confidence in creative writing.
7+ - Stephen - Weekly tuition over the academic year to ensure that homework is successfully completed. From starting as a student who had difficulties sustaining his concentration, his parents were delighted with the improvements noted in his end of year school reports.
IB History - Recently advised a student preparing their extended essay how to sustain a critical argument, use appropriate academic referencing and effectively manage the wide variety of sources used.

Hobbies and Interests
I am a keen runner who completed the London Marathon in 2012.

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