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About Me
My specialist subjects are French and SEN Dyspraxia, and I also teach English and basic Latin. I have long held a passion for education, starting at secondary school, where I helped organise and teach Latin to pupils aged 10-11 at a local primary school. I continued this interest in education whilst studying French and Linguistics at the University of Leeds. I took a number of classes relating to Education techniques and Language Acquisition. Allied with my experience as an English Assistant in Bordeaux and privately tutoring a student with severe learning difficulties, I believe I have the desire to educate and the ability to connect with tutees on a personal level which will ensure great success.

Teaching in Bordeaux provided a wide range of abilities and class sizes - I worked one-on-one with pupils as well as having to command an entire class of unruly teenagers. What I most enjoyed was the challenge of identifying what each individual student required in order to advance on both an academic and personal level, and I am looking to carry forward this ethos into private tutoring. In this way I can fully devote my teaching abilities towards an individual tutee - tailoring lesson plans in a manner that truly takes into account their current and desired ability.

Recent Tuition
I have tutored a boy for 5 years, working for 1 or 2 hours a week. This student has dyspraxia, among other learning disabilities. We worked on basic literacy, numeracy, handwriting and spelling. This required not only a great deal of patience, but also empathy, understanding and inventiveness on my part to instil confidence and ability. This student is now happily settled in a residential college.

Hobbies and Interests
Away from teaching, I make music, translate and write poetry and cook. I recently composed the soundtrack to a trilogy of short films which were grant-winners in the CCW Fund. I was also awarded the inaugural University of Leeds French Poetry Translation Prize in January 2013. I am currently translating a 16th Century French text.
I have not played Rugby for a number of years since suffering too many injuries, but still retain a strong interest in the sport, as well as continuing to play football regularly.
My latest cooking venture is making and bottling organic herbal syrups.

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