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About Me

I am a creative tutor, keen to see the individual personality of a student and find the most suitable way of getting him or her interested in the subject. I encourage children to see the learning aspects in all their activities and to apply their school-work to daily life situations.
I teach Maths, English and Science at Key Stage 1-5, specialising in GCSE Maths and English. As a writer, I am well-equipped to coach essay writing and have proven success in this area at a wide range of levels. I also specialise in Philosophy at A Level and above.
I can also teach English, Essay Writing and Science.

My academic history:

City of London School for Girls (2000-2005),
Worshipful Company of Shipwrights Inchcape Scholarship,
Arkwright Scholarship
GCSEs: Maths (A*), English (A*), English Literature (A), Biology (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), Design Technology (A*), French (A*), History (A*), Drama (A*), Additional Maths (A)
Camden School for Girls (2005-2007) - A Level: Maths (A), Physics (A), Philosophy (A) and AS Level: Further Maths (A)
University of Leeds University of Western Ontario, Canada (2007-2011):

BA Philosophy (International) 1st

In 2011 I graduated with a First Class honours degree in Philosophy from the University of Leeds. During my degree I spent a year in Ontario, Canada, where my philosophy education was broadened and supplemented with classes in English and Creative Writing. I attended City of London School for Girls from year 7 until GCSE, having received the Worshipful Company of Shipwrights Inchcape Scholarship for achieving highly on the 11+ exam. I moved to Camden School for Girls for sixth form, where I began studying philosophy. I love this subject as it encourages deep questioning and understanding, which I think is essential to a fulfilling academic career.

I am working as a tutor in order that the knowledge I have gained can be useful to others, and because I think one-on-one tuition can be critical in a students learning. I also work as a writer and applying for a Masters in Creative Writing.

Recent Tuition

I have worked as a private tutor for students of a range of levels, from 7+ exams, 11+ entrance examinations, 13+ entrance examinations, GCSE Maths, English and Science and A Level and degree level Philosophy.

Below are a few detailed case studies to demonstrate a snapshot of my tutoring work:

GCSE Maths and Science, Matty, 15

Matty struggled a great deal with motivation in these subjects as he saw himself more as an Arts student. Through finding ways for him to become excited about the subjects, over the year, there have been big improvements. In school, Matty had a problem concentrating, so each week we went over in detail the topics he had covered in class to ensure he did not fall behind. We also looked at ways of making the science subjects relevant to him, which both inspired him and helped him to remember each topic. He is predicted A/B for Maths and AA for Science.

GCSE Maths, Maddy, 15:

I am sole teacher for a Year 11 homeschooled pupil. I have been responsible for drawing up the Scheme or Work and following this, introducing past papers and exam style questions as appropriate. With this student, we are working on confidence boosting in addition to core content. Maddy is a very able student but regularly doubts her own ability and struggles to work independently. She achieved a B grade.

Common Entrance - Science, Maths and English with Jack, 11:

Jack was a high achiever in school but had scored only average in mock-SAT tests. Through talking to Jack I learned that he found the exam conditions nerve-wracking and felt unable to think. I gave him weekly short tests under exam-conditions so that he grew used to working on his own with a time limit. He eventually achieved a grade 6 in Maths and 5 in both Science and English.

Common Entrance - Sachin:

Weekly sessions covering Maths, English Science in preparation for Highgate common entrance exams. Sachin, 13, is an intelligent student who makes careless mistakes and struggles with concentration. His average grade in mock exams went from 63 to 78%.

Common Entrance Maths Science - Max, age 13:

Intensive sessions over Easter in preparation for Eton, Tonbridge s common entrance, covering Maths Science. Max struggled with exam technique and multi-step questions. We focused on algebra and constructing verbal answers.

Common Entrance Maths English - Conrad, age 12:

Weekly sessions for Maths English in preparation for North Bridge House entrance exams, concentrating on algebra, spelling and tackling verbal Maths questions. He has since gained a scholarship.

Creative Writing, Aliya, 9:

Aliya attended the Ministry of Stories for a story-making workshop but initially would not pick up a pencil. She insisted she couldnt write and didnt like the story. I asked her lots of questions about what kind of stories she liked and discovered that she was discouraged by the storys main character (chosen by the whole group) who she found uninspiring. I asked her how she could get rid of him and she laughed. Then proceeded to write two pages on his downfall. She was chosen to read her story to the group and asked for extra pages to complete her story at home.

As well as working as a private tutor, I volunteer as a creative writing mentor at The Ministry of Stories in East London, where school children (aged 8-17) attend workshops in story-making. As a mentor, I give one-on-one coaching to students as they write their story, play, or newspaper articles. Many children have low literacy skills but we encourage them to use their imaginations and often, by the end of a session, they are vowing to write stories every day.

I also tutored fellow students during my undergraduate at The University of Leeds, particularly focusing on essay writing, helping many students progress from below average to very high grades.

Whilst working as a nanny, I taught maths and literacy skills to children between Key Stage 1 and 2, helping them, not only with exams, but to gain a further understanding of the work they completed in class each day.

Hobbies and Interests

In my spare time, I am a writer and illustrator whose fiction has appeared online and in print. I have also written features and reviews for lifestyle and general interest magazines.

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