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About Me
My specialist subjects are Maths and English, including the 7+ 11+ exams, Art/History of Art and English to A - Level. I also have experience in tutoring History and R.E. I believe that all students can succeed with the right support and encouragement. I am keen to help young people reach their potential by enabling them to raise their academic and confidence levels. I have a wide range of experience in education which has stretched and developed my teaching abilities. Therefore I feel confident in being able to meet the broad and specific needs of any given pupil. Most importantly I thoroughly enjoy teaching and interacting with young people and have learnt as much from it as I have taught!
2000 - 2004 Edinburgh University
History of Art, Class 2:1 MA (Hons)
Studied a broad range of art history including Classical Art and Classical Archaeology.
My most recent degree was History of Art at Edinburgh University. I went to school at The Cheltenham Ladies College. I am now a tutor so I am able to enjoy the flexibility of a tutors timetable so I am able to work simultaneously on an educational charity project I recently founded.

Recent Tuition
Please find below examples of my current and previous tuition work:

A - Level History of Art - This student achieved a low mark at his AS level due to lack of independent learning, although he is very intelligent. I have been tutoring him in exam techniques and supporting him in strategies for his independent learning. By engaging him more in the subject including visits to gallerys etc. I have encouraged him to work outside of our tuition sessions.
GCSE English - I am currently working with a number of GCSE students this half term.
I am helping a boy in year 10 with severe dyslexia, organise revision across all his subjects. Specific focus to be on English language and literature
GCSE English - I am helping another boy in year 11 at Dulwich College. He is an intelligent student, but moved from Portugal in year 6 speaking Portuguese and Spanish and fell behind with English. I am helping him with overall revision schedule and English in particular for his essay based subjects.

* I have worked with this boy previously for his year 9 Summer exams and 13 + entrance.

GCSE English - Another student in year 11 at City of London needs help with structuring his revision and preparing for his exams. He is a very bright student, but disorganised with his revision. In the past he has relied on cramming and panicked in exams so needs techniques to remain relaxed and break down his revision into a manageable timetable.

Focus on English for all essay based subjects.
* I have worked with this boy before for his year 10 exams and mocks.

Pre-reception: I teach two 2/3 year olds in preparation for nursery school. One of the students is very bright and confident and the objective of the classes is to stretch her learning through focused one on one time. The other student is shy but very bright, the focus originally was to help him gain confidence and engage him in focused activity.
7+ English and Maths: The girl is currently at Notting Hill and Ealing school in year 2 with a view to move to Bute House and then later to either St. Pauls school for girls or Godolphin at age 11. She is highly intelligent but can lack motivation and is easily distracted. We have focused mainly on English, story writing and composition and completed Bond Papers which has helped her exam technique.
Year 2 English: One girl currently at a Welsh School in West London who needs help with her English writing with the aim to move to Notting Hill and Ealing School.
Year 3 English/some Maths: 2 boys, both attend a Chiswick school and need support with their English. They have missed out on top sets at school and struggle with story writing.
11+/Year 4 English and Maths: One girl who is also at a Welsh School and needs extra help with Maths and English, especially Maths to support her learning and progress at school.
Year 4 English (EAL) and some Maths: One boy who currently attends a Russian school in West London needs to improve his general motivation and English (writing in particular)-reading age 5/6 years.
10+ English: 1 boy, year 5, the objective of the classes is to maintain his focus and improve exam technique with preparation for his 10+ entrance exam for Kingston Grammar School.
11+/Year 5 English: 1 girl, very intelligent but needs support with her English writing, particularly with story writing and plot development.
Year 6 English: 1 boy, year 7 who attends Colet Court. Needs help with comprehension and lacks general motivation in the subject.
I covered classes for two brothers aged 3/4 and a 5 year old brother who is at year 1 at John Betts Primary School in Hammersmith. The youngest was very eager to learn and clever so the aim was to encourage his pre-school learning and improve his reading, writing, basic maths, handwriting and phonics. His brother was not as interested in learning and struggled with concentration and motivation. However, during the course of the classes I felt he improved greatly by working on a series of short activities that didnt exasperate his concentration and through rewards and praise his attitude towards his studies improved significantly.
I taught two sisters (aged five and eleven) English (EAL) for a 10 days during their half term. We went on a number of cultural excursions including The National History Museum, Kensington Palace and The Science Museum in London and they did some writing activities based on their trips.
Park View Academy, Haringay, London. Full time Art teacher key stage 3 and 4: Drawing, painting, Art History, print making, ceramics.

Devised and taught my own key stage 3 and 4 schemes of work.
Taught the majority of year 10 and 11 students participating in Art GCSE and helped reach the schools A-C target.
Learning support assistance ( English as an additional language) key stage 4.

2007-2012 Private tutor in Barcelona, Spain.
Educa Systems-Educa Training: English Language teacher
Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced levels.
In company business English.
Preparation for International examinations: CAE, FCE, IELTS
The Castle, Hospitalet, Barcelona: English language teacher
Age range: 5 years-Adults
Preparation for International examinations: CAE, FCE- pass rate 90%
In company business English classes
2010- current
My Start project-Windle Trust International
Co-founder, project coordinator, Art teacher, Exhibition manager
My Start is a creative Art project for Windle Trust International, a charity organisation that provides access for those fleeing areas of conflict.
Implemented and delivered a series of workshops on Art, Photography and Film at Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya, that enabled young refugees to tell their stories.
Producing an exhibition of Art work produced in the camp to be shown in London schools 2012.

Hobbies and Interests
I am a painter and try to paint and exhibit in my free time. Having taught in a multi cultural school inner city school and since at Kakuma refugee camp I am passionate about the plight of refugees and have enjoyed setting up and running my charity project that enables young refugees to share their experiences through the mediums of Art, photography and Film. I enjoy travelling and am interested in contemporary issues, African politics, the Arts and British comedy!

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