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About Me
My specialist subjects are maths and physics but I also teach English and Spanish.

Most of my experience tutoring has been in maths and physics from GCSE to University level and I have always enjoyed it very much. I have had some experience in Spain tutoring students as young as 8 to help them catch up with what they are doing in school and this has been a great experience for me also. It is nice to think that years later a student might use something they learned with me and remember where they learned it from.

I also like to motivate students and help give them interest in the subjects they are learning. I do this by using real examples they can relate to when explaining a topic, showing them applications of what they are doing or even for instance, showing them something I made with the rapid prototype machine (3D printer). When Im teaching it shows that it is one of my passions.

I like to be flexible e.g. showing a student different methods of tackling a problem or different ways to understand or remember a concept. Once I become familiar with a students strengths and the way they learn I can adapt how I teach them to take advantage of this. I encourage understanding before memorisation because where memorisation might help for an exam, understanding will help for the exam and for the rest of their life. I can provide help with study or exam techniques that will help across all fields of study as well as advice on further education.

My most recent qualification is a first class masters degree in mechanical engineering from Kings College London. Before attending Kings I completed the international baccalaureate full diploma at ACS Cobham International School. I excelled in both English and Spanish literature at native level (A1) and was awarded the bilingual diploma.

Recent Tuition

Max: IB SL Maths with Philip who attends ACS Cobham. We are having weekly sessions at the moment in preparation to consolidate some concepts not fully grasped at school. I will be working with Philip until his final exam exams in May 2015.
Nicolo: IB HL Maths - focusing on teaching concepts not understood at school.
Ben: IB HL Physics. We covered all the core topics and focused on paper 2 and exam technique. Final session 13/07/2013.
Bisola: A-level Physics. We did 3 hour sessions on weekends in her school in Brighton to prepare for her exams. Final session 12/05/2013
Kyra: first year mathematics module at UCL. We did a 3 hour crash course the day before her exam. Final session 24/04/2013.
James: A-level Physics. We worked specifically on fundamentals of electricity for his unit 2 exam in May. Final session 28/04/2013
Joseph: GCSE Maths and Physics. We did 2 hour sessions twice a week for two months to prepare for his final exams. Final session 13/06/2013
I worked as a lab demonstrator and teachers assistant for engineering MSc students taking the robotic systems module at Kings College London. Final session 14/04/2013.
Lorenzo: 8 year old attending C.P. SOlivera in Ibiza, Spain. I spent two weeks tutoring Lorenzito after school, helping him with homework and going over what he was covering in class while it was fresh in his mind. His parents have told me that in this trimester his grades have improved for most subjects and especially maths which he was having the most difficulty with. Final session 28/01/2013.
Panagiotis: first year fluid dynamics module as part of a mechanical engineering degree at UCL. We did 6 hours over a weekend and Monday in preparation for his winter exam.

Final session 10/12/12.

Joseph: final year GCSE Spanish. We did 1 hour sessions once a week in preparation for his January exam.

Final session 05/12/12.

Victor: final year Spanish Baccalaureate Mathematics. We did 2 hour sessions once a week over the summer in preparation for his final maths exam.

Final session 03/09/09.

Alex: first year GCSE Spanish. We did 1 hour sessions several times a week varying between weeks. The sessions consisted mainly of homework supervision and oral practice. Alex was not seeking help for exams, but was heavily motivated and looking for further learning.

Final session 22/05/09.

Hobbies and Interests
I am interested in music, cuisine, sports and travel.
I studied music theory for some years and used to play the saxophone but left it for the guitar in 2005. I have filled in as lead guitar for a flamenco group in Ibiza called Lluna Flamenca and played saxophone in the municipal band there.
I love learning to cook new dishes and getting them right to the satisfaction of family and friends.
Culture and nature fascinate me and are part of the reason I love travelling. My last trip was in February 2013, when I went to Helsinki and with some friends drove to a cottage in Yllas (Lapland) where we stayed 5 nights, it became a real Hemingway experience.
I used to do a lot of sport when I had the time, and have at some point played tennis, football, badminton, basketball and chess competitively. I am also keen on scuba diving, skydiving and rock climbing but these are hard to practice living in London.

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