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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English, Sociology and Psychology. I also teach Drama, LAMDA Examinations and audition technique for pupils hoping to win a place at Drama and stage schools.
A good tutor is one that can ground students with a solid foundation in understanding the subjects as well as arming students with sharp exam technique. A tutor should be clear, calm, methodical, and also ignite the students passion and drive to achieve in a particular subject.
I hold a Bsc from the London school of Economics in Social Policy, Criminal Justice and Psychology and a MA from Central St Martins University of London in which I achieved a Distinction.

For A-Levels I achieved four As- in English Literature, Sociology, Performing Arts and Media Studies.
For GCSE I achieved four A*s, five As and one B

During my studies I have accumulated a large amount of experience working with children, across varying settings, age groups, abilities and socio-economic status.
I am passionate about tutoring and I am results driven and am therefore determined to see marked improvements to tutors understanding of school work and examination results.

Recent Tuition
I have recently returned from Russia, where I taught a broad home schooling curriculum (covering ALL academic subjects, ranging from Art to Science and Mathematics) with a heavy focus on English. My pupils were aged ten and twelve and gained entry into a leading London Private school. I was also responsible for intensively teaching their parents English as a foreign language, which proved to have fantastic results, both adults now able to converse fluently. Prior to this, I taught A-level Sociology with Simply Learning, and more generally, over the past four years I have tutored with three London tutoring agencies teaching a number of students from year 5 to University level in subjects such as entrance preparation for University, stage and drama schools, GCSE Science, Maths, History, Geography, Sociology, and Drama
and A-level English, Sociology and Psychology. Students have all markedly improved, with one student moving from a predicted D grade and achieving an A grade in A-level Sociology.

Specialist subjects include:

-Year 4-10 Science and English
-GCSE, AS A Level English
-GCSE, AS A Level Sociology
-GCSE, AS A Level Psychology
-GCSE, A-level Drama
-History and Geography
-Entrance into Top UK Stage Drama Schools
-GCSE A Level Media Studies
-Degree level Psychology, Sociology and Acting/Drama

Other work experience.

-4 month residential placement teaching full home schooling curriculum to two girls aged 8 and 10, in line with top London private school. Placement included teaching their parents intensive English as a foreign language lessons.
-6 month teaching placement in Peru, teaching English and Drama under to company INABIF which works with street children and Orphanages to improve literacy and numeracy skills. Here I had experience working with children with SENs.
In addition, I led workshops under the umbrella of social services and the Department of Health with 15-20 children in care.

Hobbies and Interests
I regularly go to the theatre, watch films and I also write plays and screenplays as well as run my own film and theatre group

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