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English Literature

About Me
My specialist subjects are English (particularly poetry), writing and Art. I also teach Maths, Science, History and Classical Studies up to GCSE and I can teach all subjects at common entrance.
I am a good tutor because I am patient, engaging and understanding. I am good at getting a point across because I will always find a method of communicating tricky concepts in a way that my pupils really understand. I enjoy working on areas of particular difficulty and making a breakthrough with every individual. Moreover, I am very good at helping children to retain knowledge. In my own experience, revision technique has always been the key to my success in exams, and I believe strongly in the importance of passing on useful methods for preparing thoroughly and clearly.
I am enthusiastic about the prospect of helping students achieve their goals in the future. Also, having helped three of my siblings through all manner of tricky exams, I feel that I have a more than common understanding for the importance of individual learning styles. I also feel it is important to pursue ones passions and interests uncompromisingly, and I therefore hope that my own energy and zeal for the subjects I love might help to motivate others.
In 2011, I graduated from Newcastle University with a 2:1 Honours Degree in English Literature and Classical Studies. Before that, I attended Eton College, where I specialized in English, Economics, History and Art for A level. I achieved an A grade in all four subjects and won the school art prize. I am now in my second year at the Princes Drawing School in London where I am doing a post-graduate diploma in drawing. I am working as a tutor part time because if I wasnt an artist I would be a teacher, and I want to pass on my enthusiasm for learning.

Recent Tuition
7+, 11+, Common Entrance (English Language/Literature, Science, Maths, History, Geography) and GCSE (English Literature, History)

George and Will: In-house tutoring at the Tutors Group school for easter revision course (GCSE Biology/History)
Freddie: tutored for CE 13+ to Eton. Concentrated on English, Science and History.
Successful pass (tutoring several days during half terms and holidays)
Arlo: tutored for CE to Uppingham, close attention to History (source questions), supervised revision, making notes and testing on all material for science, history and geography.
Octavia: 17 year old girl with Dyslexia, helped with organisation and written elements of A Level design portfolio and coursework. Also previously tutored in GCSE English. Went from a predicted D to a B.
Willa: tutored for CE to Uppingham. Concentrated on English writing, Geography and exam technique. Also focused on most other topics in areas of difficulty. She gained entrance despite parent and teacher expectations.
Claudia: 23 year old undergraduate. I assisted her with the planning and writing of her dissertation for a BA in Art. This involved essay writing technique and proof reading.
Maddy: tutored weekly for two months, GCSE sciences and Art.
I have also held a residential role for a young boy 11+, teaching him Maths, English and general homework help.
I am an experienced ski instructor, having taught over 50 children of all ages.

Hobbies and Interests
My principle interest is in Art. I frequently visit galleries and I try to draw and paint whenever and wherever I travel. I have just returned from a three month painting expedition in India, and am now working towards a solo exhibition in London in November. However outside of my professional interest, I also enjoy film, music, food and most of the other standard cultural influences really. I am not a particularly notable sportsman except that I am a qualified ski instructor. I have played many musical instruments including violin, piano, drums and guitar in roughly that order and am, unfortunately, no closer to becoming a rock star. I am trying to teach myself Italian.

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