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About Me
My specialism is in Spanish and English tuition up to undergraduate level, but I also have broad experience in all core subjects up to KS4. I am a TEFL qualified teacher and also teach the ILTS. Thanks to my terms as a student liaison officer at Oxford, I also know and understand the Oxbridge admissions process from the inside and can guide prospective students through those often muddy waters.
Im a creative, committed and highly organised tutor with more than six years-experience of tutoring and mentoring behind me.
In that time Ive worked one-on-one with over 100 pupils from 7 to mature, busy professionals! Through the many talks, tours and school visits Ive done, Ive worked with countless more.
Each new pupil is different, but each a pleasure and a unique challenge. And throughout these different challenges I believe Ive got consistent results because I always treat each pupil as they deserve to be treated - as an individual.That means that no matter their age, or if they are being homeschooled, have learning difficulties or speak English as a second language
theres always a way to make learning fun and accessible and, most importantly - productive.
In English my focus is always on bringing the words on the page to everyday-life. Whether its poetry or a newspaper article, I hope to open it up by making it relevant to my students experiences.
Lots of my students who struggle with maths say that I really make it accessible to them by removing the abstract nature and helping them see the logic and patterns that underpin it all.
My focus in my Spanish classes is on developing the students grammar on the one hand and comfort and confidence in speaking on the other. I love the language and I bring fluency and the experience of living and working across Spain and Latin America to my lessons.
In all subjects, rather than a narrow definition of the syllabus, I stretch my students to explore the potential beyond the curriculum and develop a really personal enjoyment of the subject that will help them to thrive.
I have a 2:1 in English and Spanish from New College, Oxford in 2009. Since leaving university Ive continued to tutor and mentor bright, young students of all ages. I love to motivate and believe education is indispensable.
I was JCR Access Officer to New College from 2006-7 and in that role brought hundreds of pupils to Oxford to give them a unique insight into the university and really enthuse them about further education.
At school, at Dulwich College, I worked for three and a half years with two teenage boys with severe learning difficulties. The younger of the two, Joe, has autism and his older brother, Michael, has Downs Syndrome and autism. This was challenging but also exceptionally rewarding. Its given me far greater confidence in meeting the needs of students with learning difficulties, and I do it with relish.

University of Oxford (BA Hons) English Spanish 2:1
Dulwich College, London
A2: English | Spanish | Ancient History (All As)
AS: English | Spanish | Ancient History | Latin | General Studies (All As)
GCSEs: Eng Lit | Eng Lang | Maths | Biology | Physics | Chemistry | History | Classical Civilization | Latin | Spanish | French | Italian (All A*s)

Recent Tuition

Ive tutored several students in AS and A2 English, achieving As or Bs in all cases. The same goes for Spanish. Currently I am giving private lessons once a week to a GSCE age student who is taking AS Spanish entirely idependently of school.
Ive also tutored pupils in GSCE in both English and Spanish, and currently give biweekly classes taking a pupil on the Edexcel exam board from a predicted D grade to a A*/A.
Ive helped students gain entry to top London independent schools Whitgift and Trinty through the 11+ common entrance exam.
Most recently Ive been working with children preparing for various 7+ entrance exams.
Ive also helped students successfully through the Oxbridge application system: interview practice, personal statement redaction, essay workshops and admissions test revision.
For 3.5 years I worked as a Respite Carer, working alongside a single mother to help her two sons, Michael and Joe, with severe learning difficulties. Michael has autism and Downs Syndome and Joe, autism. As well as pastoral care, I worked with both of them on their communication skills and particularly with Joe on his English reading and comprehension and his Maths.

Hobbies and Interests
Im a broadcast journalist for the BBC, which is something I cherish. I love working in the newsroom or out in the field and as Im passionate about communication - good communication!
Im also a great fan of Hispanic culture. Ive travelled widely and lived in Latin America and managed even to work as a foreign reporter for the BBC in Bolivia.
Since parading in the Rio Carnival in 2008, Ive also discovered Brazilian culture and am now an active member of Capoeira and Samba groups in London.

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